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    Age Outweighs Dietary Effect on Bone
    Dr Maya Styner
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    The skeleton in a physical world
    Dr Maya Styner
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    A Study of Paraganglioma Cases With Non-European Ancestry
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Exercise stimulates Bone Formation in Lipodystrophy
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Exercise as Therapy to Reverse Effect of Aging on Bone
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Osteoporosis did not mediate Scoliosis , despite both increasing with Aging
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Tamoxifen, even at low doses, significantly increases bone in mice
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Tumor Induced Osteomalacia (TIO) can be diagnosed with a normal FGF23 level.
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Increasing Scientific Understanding of Osteoporosis by use of Exercise and Dietary Interventions.
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Bone Stem Cell Maturation is Regulated by Key Proteins.
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Regulators of Nuclear Structure are critical for Stem Cell Function
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Exercise Accompanied by Mild Caloric Restriction harms Bone Health, despite a Reduction in Bone Fat
    Jeyantt SankaranDr Maya Styner
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    Exercise as therapy for Obesity and Osteoporosis.
    Dr Maya StynerDr Gabriel Pagnotti
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    Biotin Supplements Interfere with Hormonal Lab Testing
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Commentary on a Clinical Case of Post-Gastric Bypass Bone Fractures
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Exercise may affect Stem Cells through Genetic Modifications
    Dr Maya Styner
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    LARG GEF and ARHGAP18 orchestrate RhoA activity to control mesenchymal stem cell lineage
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Marrow Fat response to Exercise and Overfeeding
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    Intranuclear Actin Structure Modulates Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Exercise regulation of Fat in Bone
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    Exercise "Browns" Muscle Lipid in Obesity
    Dr Maya Styner
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    A New Way to Promote Bone Formation from Marrow Stem Cells
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Exercise Regulation of Marrow Fat in the Setting of PPARγ Agonist Treatment in Female C57BL/6 Mice
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    Osteocyte specific responses to soluble and mechanical stimuli in a stem cell derived culture model
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Exercise and HFD Regulation of Marrow Fat
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    mTORC2 Regulates Mechanically Induced Cytoskeletal Reorganization and Lineage Selection in Marrow‐Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells
    William ThompsonDr Maya Styner
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    Mechanically activated fyn utilizes mTORC2 to regulate RhoA and adipogenesis in mesenchymal stem cells
    William ThompsonDr Maya Styner
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    Mechanical input restrains PPARγ2 expression and action to preserve mesenchymal stem cell multipotentiality
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Mechanical Strain Downregulates C/EBPβ in MSC and Decreases Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress
    William ThompsonDr Maya Styner
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    Mechanically Induced Focal Adhesion Assembly Amplifies Anti-Adipogenic Pathways in Mesenchymal Stem Cells
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Denosumab for Refractory Lymphoma-Associated Hypercalcemia
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Mechanical signal influence on mesenchymal stem cell fate is enhanced by incorporation of refractory periods into the loading regimen
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Indomethacin promotes adipogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells through a cyclooxygenase independent mechanism
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Mechanical activation of β-catenin regulates phenotype in adult murine marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Endothelial Dysfunction: Associations with Exposure to Ambient Fine Particles in Diabetic Individuals
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Evaluation of assays for perinuclear antineutrophilic cytoplasmic antibodies and antibodies to Saccharomyces cerevisiae in dogs with inflammatory bowel disease
    Dr Maya Styner
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    Immune Sensitization to Yeast Antigens in ASCA-positive Patients with Crohn’s Disease
    Dr Maya Styner