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  1. Exercise Accompanied by Mild Caloric Restriction harms Bone Health, despite a Reduction in Bone Fat
  2. Gene regulation through dynamic actin control of nuclear structure
  3. Two‐dimensional graphene oxide‐reinforced porous biodegradable polymeric nanocomposites for bone tissue engineering
  4. Absence of complement factor H alters bone architecture and dynamics
  5. Differences in bone structure and unloading-induced bone loss between C57BL/6N and C57BL/6J mice
  6. Trabecular and Cortical Bone of Growing C3H Mice Is Highly Responsive to the Removal of Weightbearing
  7. Modulation of unloading-induced bone loss in mice with altered ERK signaling
  8. Porous three-dimensional carbon nanotube scaffolds for tissue engineering
  9. Bone shaft bending strength index is unaffected by exercise and unloading in mice
  10. Synthesis of nano-textured biocompatible scaffolds from chicken eggshells
  11. Self-assembled synthesis and characterization of microchannels in polymeric membranes
  12. Hydrophilic Interfacing for Thermal Micro Assembly of Polymers (HITMAP)