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I'm the Chief Product Officer and one of the co-founders at Kudos, a company that helps the global research community showcase their ideas and discoveries to diverse and influential audiences in academia, government, industry, education and the media. I am actively involved in standards development and chair the COUNTER Executive Committee. I also chair the ALPSP Innovation and Impact Award committee and regularly chair and speak at industry events. I hold an MA in Physics from The University of Oxford and an MBA from University College Dublin.

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    Study Finds Tirzepatide Effective for Weight Loss in Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Individuals
    David Sommer
  2. Article
    Uncovering the Impact of Aggrephagy in the Development of Alzheimer's Disease: Insights Into Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches from Machine Learning Analysis
    David Sommer
  3. Article
    Study Shows Tirzepatide Improves Diabetes Control and Weight Loss Faster
    David Sommer
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    Study on Tirzepatide's Effect on Blood Pressure in Type 2 Diabetes Patients
    David Sommer
  5. Article
    Study Shows Tirzepatide Helps Control Diabetes and Weight Safely
    David Sommer
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    Walking with PACE - Personalized and Automated Coaching Engine
    David Sommer
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    Tirzepatide vs. Semaglutide: Which Is Better for Type 2 Diabetes?
    David Sommer
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    Soluble imidazolium-functionalized coordination cages for efficient homogeneous catalysis of CO2 cycloaddition reactions
    David Sommer
  9. Article
    Highly efficient self-trapped exciton emission in a one-dimensional face-shared hybrid lead bromide
    David Sommer
  10. Article
    A binuclear Co-based metal–organic framework towards efficient oxygen evolution reaction
    David Sommer
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    Study on Tirzepatide's Effects on Liver Disease Markers in Diabetes Patients
    David Sommer
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    Chinaberry Tree, Bead Tree, Persian Lilac, Pride of India, Indian Lilac Tree, White Cedar, Umbrella Tree, Bastard Cedar
    David Sommer
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    Link between blood cadmium and lead levels and gestational diabetes mellitus
  14. Article
    Maximize publication impact by all stakeholders working together to coordinate their efforts
    David Sommer
  15. Article
    Physiotherapists Can Identify Female Football Players With High Knee Valgus Angles During Vertical Drop Jumps Using Real-Time Observational Screening
    David Sommer
  16. Article
    Do Mug Fairies Exist? An experiment in self-cleaning crockery.
  17. Article
    Plain language title 1234
  18. Article
    Dog: A Methodology for the Development of Simulated Annealing
  19. Article
    Integrating social media marketing in the marketing mix.
  20. Article
    Principes d'orientation pour les environnements d'apprentissage au XXIe siècle
    David Sommer
  21. Article
    Analyse et conception des environnements d'apprentissage pour le XXIe siècle
    David Sommer
  22. Article
    Future directions for learning environments in the 21st century
    David Sommer
  23. Article
    Analysing and designing learning environments for the 21st century
    David Sommer
  24. Article
    The Search for Innovative Learning Environments
    David Sommer
  25. Article
    Toward a Unified Theory of High-Energy Metaphysics: Silly String Theory
  26. Article
    The School of the Future
    David Sommer