Creating impact resonance through a culture of Holistic Discoverability

David Sommer
  • Learned Publishing, January 2017, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/leap.1081

Maximize publication impact by all stakeholders coordinating their efforts

Photo by Chantal & Ole on Unsplash

Photo by Chantal & Ole on Unsplash

What is it about?

In this paper I explore the idea that in order to maximize a publication's impact, everybody needs to play their part - authors, co-authors, publishers, institutions, societies and funders. The author is the common factor that links all of these organizations and groups, so their thinking must shift towards creating a culture of discoverability, encouraging the organizations they work with to help generate impact. The author becomes the conductor, leading the orchestra of players.

Why is it important?

The case for authors taking responsibility for maximizing the impact of their research has never been stronger. With over $1 trillion invested in research every year it is surprising to find some studies showing that 50% of articles are never read, and a much higher percentage are never cited. With researchers under increasing pressure from institutions and funders to demonstrate that their research will have impact and be applied, it is critical that researchers do all they can to make sure the right people find, understand and use their work.


David Sommer
University of Oxford

As a former physicist and publisher, communicating research has always been important to me. In my role as a co-founder of Kudos, I have the opportunity to help research achieve its full potential by providing tools to help authors maximize the reach and impact of their work. What drives me is the idea that one day a horrible disease may be cured or a transformative technology developed as a result of the guidance and tools we have provided.

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