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    DRAFT PLS: Antimicrobial resistance in zoonotic and indicator bacteria
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)W. BeksEFSA Journal
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    Sensing sialic acids: Why we need to do it better
    Dr Saurav K. GuinColin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    New test for better, more rapid diagnosis of traumatic brain injury
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    How do we study the gas phase reactions of radicals?
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    A flexible layered material that changes color according to temperature
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    A novel approach to developing highly sensitive glucose sensors
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    A simple technique to detect specific proteins through color changes
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    Recalibrating ion selective electrodes by catching their drift
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    A novel chemical sensor to improve environmental monitoring
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    Creating a high-performance composite optical pH sensor
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    Point-of-care diagnostic devices: current trends in pathogen detection
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    New design for a quad-band metamaterial absorber with a single resonator
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    An overview of the progress of electrochemical hydrazine sensors
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    The mutual interactions of RNA, counterions and water
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)Benjamin Fingerhut
  15. Article
    Pillararene-based molecular-scale porous materials
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    Thermal management for sustainable buildings
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    Structure–direction towards the new large pore zeolite NUD-3
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    A new class of promising infrared NLO materials.
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    Nitrogen doped carbon spheres with wrinkled cages for the selective oxidation
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    Scientists find an easy way to produce novel macrocyclic molecules containing iodine
    Dr Antonio FronteraColin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    Constructing a light-sensitive self-assembling structure with modified platinum complexes
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    A Sensor to Visualize Tumor Cells in the Body with a PET Scan
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    Modifying multicomponent gels for improved applicability
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
  24. Article
    Predicting climate change using wireless sensor networks and machine learning
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)Dr. Duc Ngoc Minh Dang
  25. Article
    New applications of psychoceramics: paper cups
    Colin Caveney (Kudos Admin)Alex No RGs
  26. Article
    Synthesis of new optochemical tools
    Professor Toshiaki FurutaColin Caveney (Kudos Admin)
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    Testing the three most popular 'self-cleaning mugs'.