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    Instant Disinfection Using a Nanosecond Pulsed Laser
    Melinda Kenneway
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    Does Delivery with Anesthesia Relate to Postpartum Depression?
    Melinda Kenneway
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    Is there a link between gestational diabetes and maternal blood cadmium and lead?
    Melinda KennewayDr Tomohiko Isobe
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    Novel Risk Factors for Venous Thromboembolism During Pregnancy and Postpartum
    Prof Takeshi EbaraMelinda Kenneway
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    No association bewteen recurrent miscarriages and birth defects or congential disease
    Prof Takeshi EbaraMelinda Kenneway
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    Link between blood cadmium and lead levels and gestational diabetes mellitus
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    The journey from excellence to innovation
    Melinda Kenneway
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    Integrating social media marketing in the marketing mix.
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    E-pricing models: are publishers and librarians on the same page?
    Melinda KennewayWill Russell
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    Marketing the Library
    Melinda Kenneway
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    Increase awareness by communicating value
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    Introducing a new journals subscription system: the agony and the ecstasy