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    How circular designs of buildings can reduce carbon emissions
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)
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    Impact of Ozempic and Similar Medications on Facial Appearance
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)
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    Semaglutide: A Diabetes Medication with Expanding Applications
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)
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    More people Googling Ozempic for weight loss
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)
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    Beyond Ozempic: brand-new obesity drugs will be cheaper and more effective
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)
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    Using Ozempic for Weight Loss Beyond Diabetes Treatment
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)
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    Concerns About 'Ozempic Face' Phenomenon
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)
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    Biodiversity: Understanding, Valuing, and Addressing Decline
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)
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    Semaglutide (Ozempic) for Obesity: Pros and Cons
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)
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    A new way to measure inclusive development
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)
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    A atuação do farmacêutico no uso da semaglutida (Ozempic): uma revisão integrativa / The performance of the pharmacist in the use of semaglutida (Ozempic): an integrative review
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)
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    Semaglutide for Obesity Treatment: Efficacy and Safety
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)
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    Using Semaglutide (Ozempic) in Real Clinical Practice
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)
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    Ozempic: Diabetes Medication, Benefits, and Risks
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)
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    Human medicines European public assessment report (EPAR): Ozempic, semaglutide, Diabetes Mellitus, Date of authorisation: 08/02/2018, Revision: 2, Status: Authorised
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)
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    What is involved in taking a journal from issue-by-issue publication to continuous publication?
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)
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    Authors want to promote work via PDF sharing sites without contravening copyright
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)
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    Semaglutide Reduces Cardiovascular Risk in Type 2 Diabetes
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)
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    Does sharing on Social Media help the visibility of research?
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)Dr Mojisola Helen ErdtEnock Mararo
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    Tips for effective use of social media to promote scholarly publications
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)Miss Lauren E McNeill
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    How Kudos can help you increase readership and broaden the context of your work
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)Dr Antony John Williams
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    Introducing our Editorial Board
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)
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    Getting mobile right: start with who and why, not what and how
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    Integrating social media marketing in the marketing mix.
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    Business and technical decisions around mobile product development
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)Mrs Charlotte Arbuthnott
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    This is a summary of my research.
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    Tiered pricing for scholarly publishers
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    Online. Indexed. Catalogued. Free. But will users find it?
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    IESR: a new database to encourage use of e-resources
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    Knowledge bases: improving the information supply chain
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)Mrs Charlotte Arbuthnott
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    Social networking for scholarly use - a view from 2007
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    A brief history of linking technology in scholarly publishing
    Charlie Rapple (Kudos)Mrs Charlotte Arbuthnott