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  1. Prevalence and impact of dysmenorrhea on the academic performance of students
  2. Comparison of Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes in Case of Primary Cesarean Section Done During Late vs. Early Labor
  3. The art of the good life: culture and sustainable prosperity
  4. Self-reported impacts of volunteering in UK zoos and aquariums
  5. Culture as commons: theoretical challenges and empirical evidence from occupied cultural spaces in Italy
  6. Review of Sustaining Creativity survey of environmental attitudes within UK creative industries.
  7. Culture and climate change: handbook for city leaders
  8. Landscape and branding: the promotion and production of place
  9. Towards cultural democracy: promoting cultural capabilities for everyone
  10. Robert Hutchison obituary
  11. Being and planning, world formation and authenticity in Heideggerian analysis
  12. Consumer Protection in Mortgage Lending
  13. Toward a Unified Theory of High-Energy Metaphysics: Silly String Theory