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  1. Book review of: Figuring out Figuration
  2. Understanding pictures from different cultures requires cultural background knowledge
  3. How Tripadvisor automatically helps assess contributors' trustworthiness
  4. Metaphor and metonymy in Iranian and Dutch print advertising
  5. Book review of Frank Serafini (2022), Beyond the Visual
  6. Book review of Yus (2022), Smartphone Communication
  7. Review of monograph by Nea Ehrlich (Edinburgh UP 2021)
  8. Gender, ethnicity, love of art, and other aspects of identity in children's picture books
  9. How easy or difficult is it to understand emotion lines in comics?
  10. How animations can be (part of) documentary films.
  11. Multimodality: communication combining two or more semiotic resources
  12. Book review of: Danny Butt, Artistic Research in the Future Academy. Bristol: Intellect, 2017
  13. How is the Chinese-American trade war portrayed in political cartoons in both nations?
  14. Review of Coëgnarts (2019). Film as Embodied Art; and Gallese & Guerra (2019). The Empathic Screen
  15. "Relevance" is the key to explaining visual and visual-plus-written-language mass communication
  16. So much knowledge is needed to understand the visuals in an Iranian or a Dutch advertisement!
  17. What meaning-making mechanisms do we recruit to make sense of Chinese promotion clips?
  18. Book review of Bateman, Wildfeuer, and Hiippala (2017)
  19. Book review of: Elisabeth El Refaie, Visual Metaphor and Embodiment in Graphic Illness Narratives
  20. The latest in research on multimodal metaphor & other tropes
  21. This is a book review of Musolff (2016)
  22. This is a book review of Abdel-Raheem (2019)
  23. Visual metaphors in Dutch political cartoons that characterize right-wing politician Geert Wilders
  24. Book review of Pérez-Sobrino (2017), Multimodal Metaphor and Metonymy in Advertising
  25. A critical evaluation of Mueller & Kappelhoff's model for analysing cinematic metaphor
  26. How is "depression" audiovisually represented in short animation films?
  27. Judging emotions from facial expressions of comics characters.
  28. How is it that unusual and creative traffic signs can be interpreted?
  29. Arguing with visuals
  30. Antithesis as a persuasive device in Fred Wiseman's documentaries
  31. Argumentation and rhetoric in visual and multimodal communication
  32. Do "interactive documentaries" actually deserve to be called "documentaries"?
  33. From metaphor to allegory: Afu-ganisu-tan (an online manga)
  34. Visual metaphors in computer ads in a 1999 issue of PC Magazine (paper was published in 2000)
  35. Arguing with visuals (sometimes accompanied by minimal text)
  36. This is a book review of Francisco Yus, Humour and Relevance (Benjamins 2016)
  37. Can we have mixed metaphors in visuals?
  38. Visual and multimodal metaphor
  39. What various theories rooted in linguistics can contribute to the study of comics
  40. Book review of Annabelle Honess Roe, Animated Documentary (Palgrave MacMillan 2013).
  41. Visual and Multimodal Metaphor in Film
  42. GOOD IS LIGHT and BAD IS DARK in feature films
  43. "Finding your identity is like finding your home" in short animation films
  44. Solving videogames puzzles is making a journey: Half-Life 2, Grim Fandango, and Heavy Rain
  45. How the concept of the journey structures Varda's "The Gleaners and I"
  46. A critical book review of Kress' Multimodality (2010)
  47. This is a book review.
  48. Three short animation films that visualize the LIFE IS A JOURNEY metaphor
  49. Metaphors depicting the global financial crisis in newspaper cartoons
  50. Loss of hands in Azumanga (part 4) metaphorically means loss of control
  51. Motion and emotion lines in Hergé's last Tintin album
  52. The impact of perceived complexity, deviation and comprehension on the appreciation of visual metaphor in advertising across three European countries
  53. Book review of: Carey Jewitt (ed.), Routledge Handbook of Multimodal Analysis (2009)
  54. The metaphorical potential of sound and music
  55. "Introduction" in Forceville & Urios-Aparis (eds), Multimodal Metaphor (De Gruyter 2009)
  56. Reprint, with small variations, of Forceville (2006)
  57. New Directions in the Analysis of Multimodal Discourse
  58. Metaphors in a variety of visual and visual-plus-text discourses
  59. Theorizing visual and visual-plus-verbal metaphor
  60. Multimodal Transcription and Text Analysis: A Multimedia Toolkit and Coursebook
  61. Further thoughts on delimiting pictorial metaphor
  62. Creative metaphors drawing on visuals, language and sound in Dutch commercials
  63. Achieving a goal is undertaking a journey: the documentary road-movie
  64. Book Review: Corpus Approaches to Critical Metaphor Analysis
  65. Non-verbal and multimodal metaphor in a cognitivist framework: Agendas for research
  66. Genre plus time & place of access steer the interpretation of visual/multimodal discourse
  67. How is anger visualized in the Asterix album La Zizanie/The Roman Agent?
  68. Fauconnier & Turner (2002), The Way We Think: Conceptual Blending and the Mind’s Hidden Complexities
  69. This is a book review of Engelhardt (2002)
  70. Book review of Zoltán Kövecses, Metaphor: A Practical Introduction (Oxford UP 2002).
  71. Free indirect discourse in The Comfort of Strangers (novella AND film).
  72. English for sale: A study of the language of advertising (Lund Studies in English, 99)
  73. Pictorial/visual metaphor in print and billboard advertising (monograph)
  74. Can target and source in a visual or multimodal metaphor be reversed? No, they can't!
  75. How a conceptual metaphor is cued in a novella, a script, and a film: COLIN IS A CHILD.
  76. Review article of Kress and Van Leeuwen's "Reading Images" (Routledge 1996)
  77. Pictorial Metaphor in Advertising
  78. Context always makes clear that metaphorical mappings go from source to target -- not vice versa
  79. Reviews
  80. Pictorial Metaphor in Advertisements
  81. The layering motif in Alice Munro's short stories
  82. What visual stylistic means do comics and graphic novels have to convey meaning? (2014)
  83. The metaphorical use of "forces" in animation film (in: Hampe, ed., 2017).
  84. Relevance theory as inclusive model of communication (2014)
  85. How can text balloons in comics and graphic novels be creative?
  86. 2. E Unis Pluribum: Using Mental Agility to Achieve Creative Duality in Word, Image and Sound