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  1. Leveraging employee online reviews for improving hotel competitiveness in the great resignation
  2. Counterfactual reasoning with big data
  3. Advancing reliability assessment of venue-reference social media data for enhanced domestic tourism development
  4. Leading for Resilience: Fostering Employee and Organizational Resilience in Tourism Firms
  5. Green innovation in events
  6. Value Creation in Wine Tourism
  7. Knowledge management in tourism
  8. Sustainable Tourism Development – The Mountaineering Village Initiative
  9. Team familiarity and innovation
  10. Introduction to the special issue: Consumer experience management and customer journeys in tourism, hospitality and events
  11. Predictivity of tourism demand data
  12. Innovation capability and culture: How time-orientation shapes owner-managers’ perceptions
  13. Knowledge sharing, knowledge transfer and SMEs: evolution, antecedents, outcomes and directions
  14. Improving the Resident–Tourist Relationship in Urban Hotspots
  15. Online Ethnography and Social Phenomena on the Move
  16. Which travel risks are more important? An examination of the tourist’s decision-making process
  17. Improving the resident–tourist relationship in urban hotspots
  18. Managing the event workforce: Analysing the heterogeneity of job experiences
  19. Knowledge Sharing and Power in the Event Workforce
  20. Cultural distance and self-initiated expatriate’s willingness to relocate - A research agenda
  21. Forecasting with Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods in tourism
  22. A Serious Leisure Perspective of Culinary Tourism Co-Creation
  23. Forecasting for tourism
  24. Quality of Work Life and Gen-Y: How gender and organizational type moderate job satisfaction
  25. Talent in Hospitality Entrepreneurship
  26. Empathy in the service experience
  27. Perceived quality, authenticity, and price in tourists’ dining experiences
  28. The Role of Empathy in the Service Experience
  29. Qualitative interpretive research method: mobile ethnography
  30. How does knowledge transfer work in event organisations - and how do events 'store' knowledge?
  31. Gen Y hospitality students’ career path decisions
  32. The challenge of knowledge transfer between owner-manager and successor in family firms succession
  33. Student experience in higher education
  34. Innovation in Tourism Firms
  35. Tourists’ emotional experiences: image, satisfaction, and intention to recommend
  36. Emotions in organization-public relationship
  37. Services research in tourism
  38. How Europeans travel in Australia
  39. Generation Y in museums: Evaluating services experiences with mobile ethnography
  40. The Art of Community. Building the New Age of Participation2013 2 Jono Bacon The Art of Community. Building the New Age of Participation Sebastopol, CA O ' Reilly Media, Inc. 2012 539 pages 978-1-449-31206-0
  41. Towards Effective Place Brand Management: Branding European Cities and Regions20131Edited by Gregory Ashworth and Kavaratzis Mihalis. Towards Effective Place Brand Management: Branding European Cities and Regions. Cheltenham UK, Northampton, MA, USA: E...
  42. The impact of culture on quality management
  43. Mixed methods: Combining expert interviews, cross-impact analysis and scenario development
  44. Employee Empowerment: The Rhetoric and the Reality20111Huq Rozana. Employee Empowerment: The Rhetoric and the Reality. Axminster: Triarchy Press 2010. , ISBN: 978‐0‐9565379‐6‐6
  45. Word-of-Mouth Amplified - An Exploration of Hotel Customer Feedback Websites
  46. Total Quality Management im Tourismus