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  1. Social media influence on tourists’ destination choice: importance of context
  2. Can message framings influence air passengers’ perceived credibility of aviation voluntary carbon offsetting messages?
  3. Hospitality higher education quality: Establishing standards in Australia
  4. Academic conferences: a female duo-ethnography
  5. Incentive Travel: a Theoretical Perspective
  6. Sociocultural change facing ranchers in the Rocky Mountain West as a result of mountain resort tourism and amenity migration
  7. Music Festivals and Social Inclusion – The Festival Organizers’ Perspective
  8. Community events and social justice in urban growth areas
  9. Events as Proenvironmental Learning Spaces
  10. Social capital as a heuristic device to explore sociocultural sustainability: a case study of mountain resort tourism in the community of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA
  11. The Transition from Seasonal Worker to Permanent Resident
  12. Towards a research agenda for post-disaster and post-crisis recovery strategies for tourist destinations: a narrative review
  13. Understanding the tourist’s response to natural disasters
  14. Tourism Crises and Disasters
  15. How sustainability expos can promote sustainable behaviour
  16. Exploring Intentions to Attend a Convention: A Gender Perspective
  17. An exploration of events research: event topics, themes and emerging trends
  18. Using a Regional Tourism Adaptation Framework to Determine Climate Change Adaptation Options for Victoria's Surf Coast
  19. Social Media in Destination Choice: Distinctive Electronic Word-of-Mouth Dimensions
  20. Requests for zoo visitors to undertake pro-wildlife behaviour: How many is too many?
  21. Visitor attendance motivations at consumer travel exhibitions
  22. An Exploratory Study of Attendee Perceptions of Green Meetings
  23. Going green for music festivals
  24. A Review of Business Events Literature
  25. The Effectiveness of Post-Disaster Recovery Marketing Messages—The Case of the 2009 Australian Bushfires
  26. Events and climate change: an Australian perspective
  27. Volunteering for Museums: The Variation in Motives across Volunteer Age Groups
  28. Carbon Offsetting for air travel
  29. Developing a framework for regional destination adaptation to climate change
  30. Profiling Conference Delegates Using Attendance Motivations
  31. The effect of interventions on the environmental behaviour of Australian motel guests
  32. The development of a conceptual model of greening in the business events tourism sector
  33. The UK association conference attendance decision-making process
  34. Emerging green tourists in Australia: Their behaviours and attitudes
  35. The events industry: the employment context.
  36. Career theory and major event employment.
  37. Post-disaster recovery marketing for tourist destinations