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  1. Islamic Banking: Past, Present and Future
  2. Role of Devoted Endowment (Waqf Arasad) in the Development of Qatari Foreign Aid
  3. Endowment and Blockchain Technology: Investment and Finance from the Sharia Perspective
  4. Sharia Ruling on Trading the Stock of Mixed Companies under the Stock Standard
  5. Characteristics and Applications of the Structured Finance Contract in Islamic Jurisprudence
  6. The Islamic Prescriptive Discourse on Individual Differences
  7. The claims of consensus on "what Allah swore by" where he said : Verily, by your life
  8. Editorial in English
  9. The Arab World and the Occident: Toward the Construction of an Occidentalist Discourse
  10. Islam in New Zealand – A Mixed Reception: Historical Overview and Contemporary Challenges
  11. Courting Islam: The Evolution of Perceptions of Islam within the British and American governments
  12. The Role of Apocalyptic Prophecies in ISIS Terrorism
  13. Examining the Term Al-Israeliyyat
  15. Separation between spouses due to incompatibility and its applications in Jordanian Courts
  16. Errors in Citing Scholars’ Sayings: Examples from books of the Hadith sciences
  17. Reasons for the disagreements in the Maliki school of thought
  18. Editorial about the importance of the 38 issue January 2021
  19. Exegeting Sūra al Fātiḥa for the Masses: Bediüzzaman Said Nursi and Haji Muḥammad Saʿīd bin ʿUmar
  20. The Qur’ān before the book - History and concepts of Qur’ānic variants (qirā’āt)
  21. Penalty and Compensation in Financial Commitments - A Critical Shariah Review
  22. The Journal of Qur’anic Studies Published by SOAS London University : Objectivity and Prejudice
  23. Historical Criticism and Recent Trends in Western Scholarship on the Quran
  24. Digital Humanities and Qurʾanic Manuscript Studies: New Perspective
  25. The Composition and Writing of the Quran: Old Explanations and New Evidence
  26. Between Dogmatism and Speculation: A Critical Assessment of Qirā'āt Studies
  27. Quranic Studies Made in Austria: Approaching Quantitative Arabic Linguistics
  28. Generation Z and the Level of Islamic Akhlaq Practices
  29. Variations in the Successive Quranic Readings, and Their Implications on Quranic Exegesis
  30. al-Nursi's Methodological Approach in Thematic Quranic Exegesis: the case of Resurrecting the Body
  31. The Effects of Islam’s Sociocognitive Transformation on Female Rights and Roles
  32. The Interfaith Dimension of Some Recent English Translations of the Quran: A Critical Analysis
  33. Rapprochement between Sunnīs and Imāmīs during the Crusades
  34. Teaching Classic Islamic Texts in Modern Settings: The In-Class Struggle