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    How can we develop vaccines more quickly?
  2. Article
    Efficacy of mRNA vaccines on patients with liver disease
  3. Article
    How the COVID-19 vaccines are a telling victory
  4. Article
    Transverse myelitis observed as a possible side effect of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines
  5. Article
    A special report on current research and development on Covid-19 related antiviral strategies
  6. Article
    Long term immune responses of patients with cancer to COVID-19 vaccines
  7. Article
    COVID-19 and cancer: the current state of knowledge
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    Psychological factors affecting the effectiveness of Coronavirus vaccines
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    How do patients with blood cancer respond to COVID-19 vaccination?
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    Protecting patients with hematologic cancers from COVID-19
  11. Article
    Long-term efficacy of the BNT162b2 vaccine against COVID-19 in patients with cancer
  12. Article
    Anti-CD20 therapy & coronavirus infection: The timing of vaccination and therapy on vaccine response
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    Why Are Lopinavir and Ritonavir Effective against COVID-19?
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    Halt in vaccinations may result in more deaths due to COVID-19
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    Studying viral proteins to identify potential targets for COVID-19 therapeutics
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    Why cancer patients are at a higher risk of severe COVID-19
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    Developing COVID-19 therapies by studying other similar viruses
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    Does vaccination against COVID protect the babies of pregnant people ?
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    Do vaccines against COVID-19 cause heart-related side effects in young people ?
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    Smell hallucinations following COVID-19 vaccination
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    Long-term Impact of COVID-19: How companies should plan for the ‘new normal’
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    Shennong: an online platform to find new drugs for treating COVID-19
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    Statistically Speaking: A model for predicting daily new Covid-19 cases and deaths in Turkey


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