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    How do masks and ventilation affect the distribution of aerosols in indoor environments?
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    Risk of COVID-19 transmission from asymptomatic people
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    How good are masks at reducing the spread of coronavirus?
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    Are cloth masks effective at reducing the spread of COVID-19 ?
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    Can case investigation and contact tracing help stop the spread of COVID-19 ?
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    Predicting the spread of COVID-19 infection accurately
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    A novel study on the stability of coronavirus on clothing materials
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    How does the flow of respiratory droplets affect COVID-19 transmission ?
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    Effect of weather on the survival of coronavirus trapped inside floating droplets
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    How can we identify countries with successful COVID-19 management?
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    Long-term effects of COVID-19 on the lungs
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    How ‘staying at home’ during the pandemic put a strain on families
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    Is another wave coming? Using math to understand surges in COVID-19 cases
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    Protecting patients with hematologic cancers from COVID-19
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    COVID-19 infection curves and measures to curb its spread
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    Understanding the spread and distribution of COVID-19 infection
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    “Bruton tyrosine kinase”: a new drug target COVID-19 treatment?
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    How the threat of COVID-19 affects political attitudes and outcomes
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    Why using a plain or surgical mask is always a better and safer choice
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    Can antibody tests accurately detect prior SARS-CoV-2 infection?
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    How has the switch to online teaching changed learning outcomes?
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    Statistically Speaking: A model for predicting daily new Covid-19 cases and deaths in Turkey
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    How has the pandemic affected screen time in children from low-income households ?
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    Safe revival measures for management of children with COVID-19
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    Examining participation in participatory theater during the COVID-19 pandemic
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    Transmission of COVID-19 via aerosols
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    Reviewing potential vulnerabilities in COVID-19 diagnostics
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    Water, sanitation, and hygiene are linked to antimicrobial resistance
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    The various features of COVID-19
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    Is mass testing for COVID-19 in healthcare workers without symptoms necessary?
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    Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic on tackling climate change
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    Using maps to accurately convey information on the COVID-19 pandemic
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    How the COVID-19 vaccines are a telling victory
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    Air flow through N95 masks with and without exhalation valves
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    Switching targets from virus to host: An alternative approach for drug development
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    New sensor makes virus testing quicker and less invasive
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    Detecting multiple COVID-19 signatures at the single molecule level
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    Halt in vaccinations may result in more deaths due to COVID-19


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