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    Safe revival measures for management of children with COVID-19
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    How did COVID-19 affect the mental health of nursing staff?
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    How are higher childcare responsibilities affecting female health care workers in the pandemic ?
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    Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Veterans with chronic pain
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    Is mass testing for COVID-19 in healthcare workers without symptoms necessary?
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    How has COVID-19 affected the labor market?
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    Preventing moral injury in healthcare providers during health crises
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    Reviewing potential vulnerabilities in COVID-19 diagnostics
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    Protecting patients with hematologic cancers from COVID-19
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    How the COVID-19 vaccines are a telling victory
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    Recharging N95 masks to make them reusable
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    How optical engineering helped us in the pandemic
  13. Article
    Caring for cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic
  14. Article
    In conversation with Dr Norman Sharpless: Covid-19 and its effects on cancer prevention
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    The rapidly advancing front of COVID-19 diagnostics
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    Making the most of our resources: Reuse and disinfection of N95 respirators
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    Risk of COVID-19 transmission from asymptomatic people
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    COVID-19 and cancer: the current state of knowledge
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    How COVID-19 impacted cancer survivors in the United States
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    Regular cancer screening in patients with Lynch Syndrome during the pandemic
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    COVID-19 and its role in redefining cancer clinical trial protocols
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    How does COVID-19 affect patients with chronic liver disease?
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    Surviving Sepsis Campaign: Guidelines on caring for critically ill COVID-19 patients
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    How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected nurses’ wellbeing?
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    How do patients with blood cancer respond to COVID-19 vaccination?
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    Examining trends in COVID-19 infected patients from a community hospital in the US
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    Impact of COVID-19 on Women's Mental Health and Wellbeing
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    How COVID-19 affects complex humanitarian emergencies
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    How cancer makes patients vulnerable to COVID-19 infection and its outcomes
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    The Internet of Medical Things: is it helpful in a pandemic?
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    Halt in vaccinations may result in more deaths due to COVID-19
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    Identifying clinical predictors of severe and fatal forms of COVID-19


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