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    How does the flow of respiratory droplets affect COVID-19 transmission ?
  2. Article
    Are cloth masks effective at reducing the spread of COVID-19 ?
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    Recharging N95 masks to make them reusable
  4. Article
    How do masks and ventilation affect the distribution of aerosols in indoor environments?
  5. Article
    How good are masks at reducing the spread of coronavirus?
  6. Article
    Why using a plain or surgical mask is always a better and safer choice
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    Air flow through N95 masks with and without exhalation valves
  8. Article
    Making the most of our resources: Reuse and disinfection of N95 respirators
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    How effective are face masks against COVID-19 coronavirus ?
  10. Article
    Understanding health evidence during pandemics
  11. Article
    How COVID-19 impacted cancer survivors in the United States
  12. Article
    Is another wave coming? Using math to understand surges in COVID-19 cases
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    How optical engineering helped us in the pandemic
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    A novel study on the stability of coronavirus on clothing materials
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    Effect of weather on the survival of coronavirus trapped inside floating droplets
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    Tracing the emergence of the face mask during the Coronavirus pandemic


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