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  1. HaptiCollar: Investigating Tactile Acuity Towards Vibrotactile Stimuli on the Neck
  2. It’s Not Warm But That’s Okay: About Robots That Avoid Human Stereotypes
  3. Interacting with Rigid and Soft Surfaces for Smart-Home Control
  4. A Workshop on Driving Style of Automated Vehicles in Ambiguous Driving Scenarios
  5. Elevating Stress Levels - Exploring Multimodality for Stress Induction in VR
  6. Privacy matters - Using AR when Shopping Fitness Trackers
  7. Exploring Hybrid: A (hybrid) SIG to discuss hybrid conferences
  8. Human-Computer Interaction and the Future of Work
  9. Sweet Spot: Displaying Interaction Areas on Everyday Home Surfaces using AR
  10. Interactive Technology for Cycling — ideate, make – remote, together
  11. Signaling Yielding Intent with eHMIs: the Timing Determines an Efficient Crossing
  12. Otherware
  13. Demystifying Deep Learning: Developing and Evaluating a User-Centered Learning App for Beginners to Gain Practical Experience
  14. Behind the Scenes: Comparing X-Ray Visualization Techniques in Head-mounted Optical See-through Augmented Reality
  15. Towards a gaze-contingent reading assistance for children with difficulties in reading
  16. Otherware needs Otherness: Understanding and Designing Artificial Counterparts
  17. A Real-time Distributed Toolkit to Ease Children’s Exploration of IoT
  18. The World has Changed - The World Needs to Change. What Multimedia has to Offer for Our Common Digital Future
  19. Reminding child cyclists about safety gestures
  20. Designing Safety Critical Interactions: Hunting Down Human Error
  21. Social Acceptability in HCI: A Survey of Methods, Measures, and Design Strategies
  22. HiveFive: Immersion Preserving Attention Guidance in Virtual Reality
  23. Physical computing technology alone is not making good physical computing for children.
  24. Comparing unimodal lane keeping cues for child cyclists
  25. Exploring Technologies for Encouraging Home-Based Physical Exercise among Older Adults
  26. HealthMedia'19
  27. Legal and Ethical Challenges in Multimedia Research
  28. PrivacEye
  29. NaviBike
  30. Evaluating a Wearable Camera's Social Acceptability In-the-Wild
  31. What is (un)acceptable?
  32. Designing Metaphor-Based Ambient Tangible Artifacts to Support Workspace Awareness
  33. ActiStairs
  34. Juggling 4.0: Learning Complex Motor Skills with Augmented Reality Through the Example of Juggling
  35. EyeMR
  36. Supporting Communication between Grandparents and Grandchildren through Tangible Storytelling Systems
  37. Measuring, Understanding, and Classifying News Media Sympathy on Twitter after Crisis Events
  38. Feel the Movement
  39. ShoulderTap - Pneumatic On-body Cues to Encode Directions
  40. Exploring Social Awareness
  41. (Un)Acceptable!?!
  42. Effects of location and fade-in time of (audio-)visual cues on response times and success-rates in a dual-task experiment
  43. AwareKit
  44. Face2Emoji
  45. Identification and Classification of Usage Patterns in Long-Term Activity Tracking
  46. SuperSelect
  47. Multimedia for personal health and health care
  48. No effects but useful? long term use of smart health devices
  49. ClimbingAssist
  50. Design of a Human-Machine Interface for Truck Platooning
  51. CubeLendar
  52. From tracking to personal health
  53. Supporting lane change decisions with ambient light
  54. TactiCar
  55. Real-life experiences with an adaptive light bracelet
  56. Forget Me Not
  57. Demo hour
  58. Proxemics play
  59. WaterJewel: Be Aware of Your Daily Servings of Water With an LED-illuminated Bracelet
  60. HeartBeat Demonstrator: Tactile Support for Keeping a Target Heart Rate
  61. A tool for catching back your preferred videos from physical collages
  62. Illumee
  63. Geovisual interfaces to find suitable urban regions for citizens
  64. PocketNavigator
  65. Observational and experimental investigation of typing behaviour using virtual keyboards for mobile devices
  66. Drawing shapes and lines
  67. Tacticycle
  68. PocketMenu
  69. PaceGuard
  70. Camera-based mobile interaction techniques for physical objects