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  1. IoT-enabled Camera Robots for the TV & Film Industry
  2. An IoT-enabled Autonomous Fertilizer Mixer for Precision Agriculture
  3. Agriculture Robots: Robo-Fertilizer
  4. Agriculture Robots: Robo-Seeder
  5. Review of Policies to reduce Carbon Footprint in South-East Asia
  6. Upgraded Dispenser Mechanism for Crop-Dusting Agriculture Drones
  7. A Smart Motorcycle Helmet for enhanced Safety & Comfort
  8. A Smart Cellular Network Selection Algorithm for IoT Applications
  9. Portable, Wireless, Plug-n-play, and Interactive IoT devices for Precision Agriculture
  10. An IoT-enabled Centralized Water Management System
  11. A ROS-android interaction framework for Outdoor Agriculture Robots
  12. Mobile robots to inspect the interior of Oil & Gas Pipes
  13. Powerful Waves: Generating Electricity from Ocean Waves
  14. Automated Parking System for Smart Cities of Tomorrow
  15. A detailed procedure on enabling outdoor ROS-ready robots for field applications
  16. Review of agriculture robotics, with a focus on Practicality and feasibility
  17. Review of Research in the Area of Agriculture Mobile Robots
  18. Snake-like humanoid robotic gripper, for strength & flexibility
  19. Cermets tools when high-speed machining Austenitic Stainless Steel