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  1. Decolonising research approaches towards non-extractive research
  2. Digital transformation in West Africa: a two country, two-sector analysis
  3. Cybersecurity compliance in the workplace
  4. Oppan Gangnam style! A series of accidents – place branding, entrepreneurship and pop culture
  5. Transgenerational business legacies and intergenerational succession among the Igbos (Nigeria)
  6. The role of institutional and family embeddedness in the failure of Sub-Saharan African migrant family businesses
  7. Employees’ behavioural intention to smartphone security: A gender-based, cross-national study
  8. Marketing in the informal economy
  9. Acquisitions of Financially Constrained Targets
  10. Carrier bag levy in England
  11. Keeping it in the family: exploring Igbo ethnic entrepreneurial behaviour in Nigeria
  12. Foreign direct investment activities in West Africa.
  13. Determinants of livelihood choices and artisanal entrepreneurship in Nigeria
  14. Evaluation of CSR and Social Value Practices Among UK Commercial and Social Enterprises
  15. Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Challenges for Retired Senior Military Officers in Nigeria
  16. Accounting-marketing integration dimensions and antecedents
  17. Political Connections and African Business
  18. An exploration of “value-creation” in a non-management department
  19. Housing Crisis in Northern Nigeria
  20. Building an inclusive workforce in Africa
  21. Coping with Ebola
  22. An interrogation of accounting–marketing interface in UK financial services organisations: Mixing cats with dogs?
  23. Revisiting the European Horsemeat Scandal
  24. Club versus country football
  25. The European 'horsemeat scandal': A welcome opportunity for the halal supply chain?
  26. Rebranding Thailand through Football
  27. An overview of higher education in the Arabian Gulf
  28. Standardisation/adaptation of the curriculum - relevance of 'Western' business textbooks for the MENA
  29. A critical analysis of the “dialogic communications” potential of sub-Saharan African Police Service websites
  30. Emerging Markets
  31. Demarketing
  32. A Reconceptualization of Entrepreneurial Orientation in an Emerging Market Insurance Company
  33. Is the Middle East the land of the future? It is not a given!
  34. Guest editorial
  35. An exploratory enquiry into the internationalisation of higher education in the United Arab Emirates
  36. City brand challenge 101: Sharjah in a globalised UAE context
  37. Sex in the kitchen: changing gender roles in a female-dominated occupation
  38. An initial assessment of e-governance and public sector marketing in the UAE
  39. A dialogic communications interrogation of the online brand dispositions of banks operating in Ghana
  40. Broken silence: a commentary on women's entrepreneurship in the United Arab Emirates
  41. The road to Rio and the UAE sustainability question: an initial assessment of the Green Sheikh's message
  42. Students' evaluation of teaching (SET) in higher education: A question of reliability and validity
  43. “Made‐in” Nigeria or “owned‐by” Ireland?
  44. IRENA – Masdar City (UAE) – exemplars of innovation into emerging markets
  45. Sharjah Football Club (UAE): still kings?
  46. The “bold and the beautiful” of the UAE retail environment
  47. The Darfur Conflict – Geography or Institutions?20111Osman Suliman.The Darfur Conflict – Geography or Institutions?. New York: Routledge 2011. 221 pp., ISBN: 13: 978‐0‐415‐88598‐0
  48. Marketing Senegal through hip‐hop – a discourse analysis of Akon's music and lyrics
  49. Setting an agenda for women entrepreneurship in Nigeria
  50. Self-service at UAE petrol forecourts: marketing in unfamiliar terrain?
  51. Middle East Telecoms in Africa
  52. A Review of “Marketing Across Cultures”
  53. Entrepreneurship Marketing
  54. Corporate social responsibility activity reportage on bank websites in Ghana
  55. Supporting enterprise development among British Africans in London
  56. The Nigerian movie industry “Nollywood” – a nearly perfect marketing case study
  57. Managing without Profit: Leadership, Management and Governance of Third Sector Organisations: The Art of Managing Third Sector Organisations (3rd ed.)20101Mike Hudson. Managing without Profit: Leadership, Management and Governance of Third Sector Organ...
  58. Micro‐credit for microenterprises?
  59. Business incubation in the UAE: prospects for enterprise development
  60. The innovation dilemma of the Ghanaian textile industry
  61. 51 Iweka Road (Onitsha, Nigeria): could this single African address redefine business cluster development?
  62. Professional sports: a new "services" consumption mantra in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  63. Event Studies: Theory, Research and Policy for Planned Events20091Donald Getz. Event Studies: Theory, Research and Policy for Planned Events. Oxford, UK: Butterworth‐Heinemann 2008. 520 pages, ISBN: 13: 978‐0‐7506‐6959‐7
  64. Marketing theory and practice: the case of the Egg Card
  66. Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being (8th ed.)20091Michael R. Solomon.Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education 2009. , ISBN: ‐13: 978‐0‐13‐515336‐9 ‐10: 0‐13‐515336‐0
  67. Innovation and Enterpreneurship20091John Bessant and Joe Tidd.Innovation and Enterpreneurship. West Sussex, UK: John Wiley & Sons Ltd 2007. 462 pp., ISBN: 13: 978‐0‐470‐03269‐5 (paper back)
  68. Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Nigeria: A Review of Women's Entrepreneurship
  69. "Mind the gaps" between the marketing theory train and the marketing practice platform: the case of Egg Card
  70. Migration and Football
  71. A theoretical review of the property development challenges in Nigeria
  72. London's congestion charging scheme and the growth and survival of the minicab sector
  73. Cultural determinants of entrepreneurial emergence in a typical sub‐Sahara African context
  74. Enterprise and Small Business: Principles, Practice and Policy (2nd ed.)20081Edited by Sara Carter and Dylan Jones‐Evans.Enterprise and Small Business: Principles, Practice and Policy (2nd ed.). Harlow: Pearson Education 2006. 572 pp., ISBN: 13: 978‐0‐...
  75. International Business: Competing in the Global Market Place20081Charles Hill.International Business: Competing in the Global Market Place. New York, NY: McGraw‐Hill 2007. 729 pp., ISBN: 10: 0071106715 6th ed.
  76. The role of social marketing models in family health interventions in Pakistan
  77. An evaluation of the uneasy transition towards social enterprise UK
  78. Entrepreneurial and cultural dynamics: a gender kaleidoscope of Ugandan microenterprises
  79. Better Off Out? The Costs and Benefits of Sub-Saharan Africa's Membership of the World Trade Organization
  80. Nigerian restaurants in London: bridging the experiential perception/expectation gap
  81. Corruption in Nigeria: how effective is the corruption perception index in highlighting the economic malaise?
  82. Book Reviews
  83. Malaysia
  84. Constructive Alignment: Evaluating a Programme of Learning
  85. The 'Road to Rio' & the UAE Sustainability Question – An Initial Assessment of the Green Sheikh’s Message
  86. Co-Preneurship & Sibling Rivalry in Family Business Research: Building or Stumbling Block?
  87. Are Indian MBA Schools Global and Market Oriented?
  88. From 'Fair Play' to 'Serious Play': Any Leadership Lessons from The Russian Football League?
  89. Demarketing of Higher Education - Thinking Out of the Box or Out of Focus?
  90. Consumer Protection in Sub-Saharan Africa:
  91. United Arab Emirates