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  1. A critical analysis of the “dialogic communications” potential of sub-Saharan African Police Service websites
  2. A Reconceptualization of Entrepreneurial Orientation in an Emerging Market Insurance Company
  3. Using the Analytical Hierarchy Process Framework to Study Bank Selection Criteria of Students in Institute of Professional Studies in Ghana
  4. Determinants of Bank Selection: A Study of Undergraduate Students in the University of Ghana
  5. A dialogic communications interrogation of the online brand dispositions of banks operating in Ghana
  6. Examining the marketing‐corporate social responsibility nexus
  7. Market orientation, innovation and corporate social responsibility practices in Ghana's telecommunication sector
  8. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices of foreign and local companies in Ghana
  9. West African Immigrants’ Perceptions of Advertising in General and Impact on Buying Decisions
  10. Market orientation in a developing economy public institution
  11. Children's attitudinal reactions to TV advertisements: the African experience
  12. Conceptualising corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate social investment (CSI): the South African context
  13. Online CSR reportage of award‐winning versus non award‐winning banks in Ghana
  14. Brands and service‐quality perception
  15. Banking the poor: The role of mobiles
  16. Qualitative Insights into Market Orientation in Small Ghanaian Businesses
  17. Advancing E-Commerce Beyond Readiness in a Developing Country
  18. Corporate social responsibility activity reportage on bank websites in Ghana
  19. Political Marketing Strategies in Africa: Expert Opinions of Recent Political Elections in Ghana
  20. The value chain and e-business in exporting: Case studies from Ghana’s non-traditional export (NTE) sector
  21. The Internet and Export: Some Cross-Country Evidence from Selected African Countries
  22. B2b inter‐organisational digitalisation strategies
  24. Key motivations for bank patronage in Ghana
  25. E-commerce in Least Developing Countries: Summary Evidence and Implications
  26. E‐commerce and socio‐economic development: conceptualizing the link
  27. E‐business financing: preliminary insights from a developing economy context
  28. Strategic value and electronic commerce adoption among small and medium‐sized enterprises in a transitional economy
  29. Information systems development: where does knowledge lie and how does learning occur?
  30. Towards a sustainable framework for computer based health information systems (CHIS) for least developed countries (LDCs)
  31. An empirical study of perceived strategic value and adoption constructs: the Ghanaian case
  32. Towards a Conceptualization of Entrepreneurship
  33. The internet and lawyers in Ghana: some initial qualitative perspectives
  34. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) perspectives of leading firms in Ghana
  35. E-Business Triggers
  36. The internet for academics: towards a holistic adoption model
  37. An exploratory study of women in Ghana's accountancy profession
  38. Do Ghanaian non-traditional exporters understand the importance of sales management?
  39. Internet adoption amongst final year students in Ghana's oldest business school
  40. Online brand personalities: An exploratory analysis of selected African countries
  41. E‐business and small Ghanaian exporters
  42. Service quality on ghana\'s first executive MBA programme: some exploratory insights
  43. Internet Adoption among Ghana\'s SME Non-Traditional Exporters
  44. Successful Women in Marketing: An Exploratory Ghanaian Study
  45. Perceptions of Internet Usefulness amongst Non-Traditional Exporters in Ghana
  46. Internet Adoption Among Lecturers In Ghana\'s premier University, Expectations and Realities
  47. Export and the Internet in Ghana: A Small and Medium Enterprise Exporter Benefit Model
  48. Internationalizing SME Nontraditional Exporters and Their Internet Use Idiosyncrasies
  49. Advancing E-Commerce Beyond Readiness in a Developing Country