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  1. The effect of service quality and satisfaction on destination attractiveness of sub-Saharan African countries: the case of Ghana
  2. Managing the environment, people and herds: sustainability of the Moroccan cedar forest
  3. Ethnic entrepreneurship: the myths of informal and illegal enterprises in the UK
  4. Faith and entrepreneurship among the British African‐Caribbean
  5. Entrepreneurship development in Africa: an overview
  6. Progressive neurological deficit in an HIV patient
  7. Enterprise Development in SMEs and Entrepreneurial Firms
  8. US Foreign Affiliates, Technology Diffusion and Host Country Human Development: Human Development Index versus Human Capital
  9. Impact of Management Structure on Development Programs
  10. ‘Faking brands’: Consumer responses to counterfeiting
  11. Service quality orientation: an approach to diffusing mindfulness in SMEs
  12. Religion, spirituality and entrepreneurship
  13. Renascent Africa: Rescoping the landscape of international business
  14. Foreign direct investment: Technology gap effects on international business capabilities of sub-Saharan Africa
  15. Internet marketing and customer satisfaction in emerging markets: the case of Chinese online shoppers
  16. Imagining Africa in the global economy
  17. Supporting enterprise development among British Africans in London
  18. Branding in Contraceptive Social Marketing: The Pakistani Experience
  19. Measuring service quality and patient satisfaction with access to public and private healthcare delivery
  20. Sustainable development in sub‐Saharan Africa
  21. Influences of Firm Characteristics and the Host Country Environment on the Degree of Foreign Market Involvement
  22. The role of social marketing models in family health interventions in Pakistan
  23. Determinants of international entrepreneurship of UK companies
  24. Transition to a market orientation in China: preliminary evidence
  25. Reforming the legal environment of business in Sub‐Saharan Africa: Moderating effects on foreign direct investment
  26. Characterisation of Black African entrepreneurship in the UK: a pilot study
  27. The role of the university sector in achieving the millennium development goals in Africa
  28. The effects of organisational climate on market orientation: evidence from the facilities management industry
  29. Institutional paradigm and the management of transitions
  30. Debt burden and corruption impacts: African market dynamism
  31. Allying for quality excellence: scope for expert systems in supplier quality management
  32. Market‐driven transformation of the banking sector in Tanzania
  33. Dynamics of Marketing in African Nations
  34. Privatization ‐ The myth of free market orthodoxy in sub‐Saharan Africa
  35. Assessing the marketing environment in sub‐Saharan Africa: opportunities and threats analysis
  36. Quality assurance in small business organisations: myths and realities
  37. Marketing to ethnic minorities in Britain
  38. Organizational leaders as political strategists: a stakeholder management perspective
  39. Quality management through visionary leadership
  40. Public‐to‐private organizational transition
  41. The UK’s privatized utilities experience: why the regulators are under attack
  42. Developing a customer orientation
  43. Strategic issues for higher education strategists in the UK
  44. TQM and Markor: competitive or companionable business philosophies?
  45. The quality question: does quality organization create, or destroy, quality life?
  46. Measuring and Achieving Quality Customer Service in the Public Sector
  47. Understanding the Causes of Business Failure Crises
  48. Consumer issues in the evolving environment: characterizations of the U.K. marketplace
  50. A framework for conducting a customer orientation audit