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  1. Blockchain-driven service delivery algorithms
  2. Blockchain and digital governance
  3. Curbing the COVID-19 digital infodemic
  4. Prospects of blockchain governance
  5. Covid-19 Pandemic and Digital Public Awareness Platforms
  6. Blockchain and e-government innovation
  7. Open Data Governance and Its Actors
  8. Understanding decentralized civic engagement
  9. Understanding motivations of citizens to reuse open data
  10. Open data and its peers
  11. Politicization of e-voting rejection: reflections from Kazakhstan
  12. Open Data Politics
  13. Promouvoir la coopération publique au sein du gouvernement : principaux déterminants, réglementation et obstacles du mouvement de collaboration électronique au Kazakhstan
  14. E-participation actors: understanding roles, connections, partnerships
  15. Understanding foreign policy strategies of Kazakhstan
  16. Adopting and managing open data
  17. Building digital state in Kazakhstan
  18. Open data and its intermediaries
  19. What Does It Mean to Be a Political Scientist in a Transitional Society? Reflections from Kazakhstan
  20. Open data and its institutional ecosystems
  21. Promoting public cooperation in government
  22. Open data in Estonia
  23. Open data in Sweden
  24. Open data in Kazakhstan
  25. E-Government Politics as a Networking Phenomenon
  26. E-Government in Kazakhstan
  27. A promising phenomenon of open data
  28. Globalization of e-government