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  2. Global Advocacy for Physical Activity - Supporting Advocates
  3. 6.3 billion people live in countries where physical activity promotion needs improving
  4. A systematic review of adaptations and effectiveness of scaled-up nutrition interventions
  5. “A 15% Reduction in Physical Inactivity Will Be Achieved in Australasia by 2030”—Audience Votes Negative in Online Debate
  6. Scale-up of the Physical Activity 4 Everyone (PA4E1) intervention in secondary schools: 24-month implementation and cost outcomes from a cluster randomised controlled trial
  7. Associations between Digital Health Intervention Engagement and Dietary Intake: A Systematic Review
  8. Using a website to partly replace face-to-face support - how did it go?
  9. The Effectiveness of Interventions Delivered Using Digital Food Environments to Encourage Healthy Food Choices: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
  10. Extent, Type and Reasons for Adaptation and Modification When Scaling-Up an Effective Physical Activity Program: Physical Activity 4 Everyone (PA4E1)
  11. Are children drinking too many sugary drinks?
  12. Ever been captivated by a physical activity app or website?
  13. A call to action to embed physical activity in national and subnational policies. #8Investments
  14. Eight Investments That Work for Physical Activity
  15. Associations between digital health intervention engagement and dietary intake: A Systematic Review (Preprint)
  16. Evaluating Digital Program Support for the Physical Activity 4 Everyone (PA4E1) School Program: Mixed Methods Study (Preprint)
  17. Is video counselling more effective than face to face or phone calls?
  18. Which countries have data on how long people sit per day?
  19. Secondary schools need support to become more physically active
  20. Technology – can it improve the use of public health research?
  21. Which bits of a school physical activity program work and how?
  22. Journal articles, conferences and what else?
  23. “Physical Activity 4 Everyone” – a scaled-up recipe for more active schools!
  24. Your role in advocating for and implementing the Global Action Plan on Physical Activity
  25. A global physical activity research and practice conference