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  1. The Role of Stem Cells in the Therapy of Stroke
  2. The Beneficial Effects of QIAPI 1® against Pentavalent Arsenic-Induced Lung Toxicity: A Hypothetical Model for SARS CoV2-Induced Lung Toxicity
  3. Complex Treatment and Prosthetic Rehabilitation of an Acquired Maxillofacial Defect with Tumor Invasion: Brief Report
  4. Biological mechanisms of atypical and melancholic major depressive disorder
  5. Statistical Review of the Suicide Attempts Rates Committed on Polish Railway Tracks between the Years 2013-2016
  6. The Efficacy of Melanin Precursor QIAPI 1© Against Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD): A Case Report
  7. Sleep Disturbances and Cognitive Impairment in the Course of Type 2 Diabetes-A Possible Link
  8. The Links between Cardiovascular Diseases and Alzheimer's Disease
  9. The Dawn of Mitophagy: What Do We Know by Now?
  10. Suicide and Suicide Attempts in the Elderly Patients: An Epidemiological Analysis of Risk Factors and Prevention
  11. The Long-Term Effect of Medically Enhancing Melanin Intrinsic Bioenergetics Capacity in Prematurity
  12. Growth factors produced inside the reproductive system
  13. Synthesis and Cytotoxic Activity of Azine Derivatives of 6-Hydroxyxanthanodiene
  14. The Association of Sleep Disorders, Obesity and Sleep-Related Hypoxia with Cancer
  15. A comprehensive new understanding of DDD and their proposed therapies and studies
  16. Medicinal glues in surgery
  17. Feasibility of Targeting Glioblastoma Stem Cells: From Concept to Clinical Trials
  18. Anatomy of the posterior perforated substance.
  19. Assessment of Psychosocial Functioning of Mothers of Children with Diabetes Mellitus Compared to Mothers of Healthy Children