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  1. Comparative Pharmacological Efficacy of COVID-19 Vaccines against the Variants of Concerns (VOCs) of SARS-CoV-2: Recent Clinical Studies on Booster Dose
  2. Novel Perspectives on Nanotechnological and Biomedical Implications of Monotherapy or Combination Regimen of Lactoferrin
  3. Recent Insights into the Nutritional Antioxidant Therapy in Prevention and Treatment of Diabetic Vascular Complications: A Comprehensive Review
  4. The Beneficial Effects of QIAPI 1® against Pentavalent Arsenic-Induced Lung Toxicity: A Hypothetical Model for SARS CoV2-Induced Lung Toxicity
  5. Complex Treatment and Prosthetic Rehabilitation of an Acquired Maxillofacial Defect with Tumor Invasion: Brief Report
  6. Sleep Disturbances and Cognitive Impairment in the Course of Type 2 Diabetes-A Possible Link
  7. Suicide and Suicide Attempts in the Elderly Patients: An Epidemiological Analysis of Risk Factors and Prevention
  8. Growth factors produced inside the reproductive system
  9. Synthesis and Cytotoxic Activity of Azine Derivatives of 6-Hydroxyxanthanodiene
  10. Medicinal glues in surgery
  11. Anatomy of the posterior perforated substance.