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  1. Understanding the causes of cancer
  2. Complex Treatment and Prosthetic Rehabilitation of an Acquired Maxillofacial Defect with Tumor Invasion: Brief Report
  3. Biological mechanisms of atypical and melancholic major depressive disorder
  4. Statistical Review of the Suicide Attempts Rates Committed on Polish Railway Tracks between the Years 2013-2016
  5. In Memory of Professor Gjumrakch Aliev, M.D, Ph.D.
  6. Suicide and Suicide Attempts in the Elderly Patients: An Epidemiological Analysis of Risk Factors and Prevention
  7. Dysbiosis, a risk factor for stroke and cognitive impairment
  8. Growth factors produced inside the reproductive system
  9. A comprehensive new understanding of DDD and their proposed therapies and studies
  10. A new understanding of cancer and proposed complex therapies
  11. Biological Transformations controlled by the Mind as a Potential Treatment of DDD