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  1. The Long-Term Effect of Medically Enhancing Melanin Intrinsic Bioenergetics Capacity in Prematurity
  2. Cerebrospinal Fluid, Brain Electrolytes Balance, and the Unsuspected Intrinsic Property of Melanin to Dissociate the Water Molecule
  3. Age-related Macular Degeneration, the Alzheimers Disease of the Eye and the Intrinsic Property of Melanin to Transform Light Power into Chemical Energy
  4. Energy Production, the Key Role of the Melanin Molecule in the Human Body: Implications in the Context of Aging
  5. Mental Illness, Alterations in Ventricle Size, and Human Photosynthesis®
  6. The Cell Bioenergetics Pathways Beyond Glucose and Mitochondria and the Intrinsic Chemistry of Melanin
  7. The Source of Energy of the Nucleus in Eukaryotic Cell is Molecular Hydrogen and High Energy Electrons
  8. The Unexpected Role of Melanin as Bio-energetic Molecule and Prof. Szent-gyorgyis Energy Concepts: Hydrogen as Main Source of Energy of Muscle Cell
  9. The Unsuspected Intrinsic Property of Respiratory Pigments to Dissociate, Irreversible, the Water Molecule
  10. Water of the Cephalous Spinal Fluid- The Main Source of Energy of the Central Nervous System
  11. Melanin, the Master Molecule