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  1. “I Am Sorry, But I Did Not Mean to Hurt You”: A Moderated-Mediation Model of Group Non-purposeful Ostracism
  2. Fostering customer-oriented constructive deviance: the influence of moral emotions and moral disengagement
  3. The Relationship Between Negative Ties and Blue-collar Employees' Performance and Ethical Voice: The Mediating Effects of Personal Reputation
  4. A multilevel investigation of leader–member exchange differentiation’s consequences
  5. Individual and Group Predictors of Workplace Ostracism and Employee Coping
  6. EXPRESS: Untangling the Team Social Capital - Team Innovation Link: The Role of Proportional Task Conflict as well as Group-and Differentiated Individual-Focused Transformational Leadership
  7. Diverse group effectiveness: co-occurrence of task and relationship conflict, and transformational leadership
  8. Inclusive leadership scale
  9. Diverse Group Effectiveness: Co-occurrence of Task and Relationship Conflict, and TFL
  10. International differences in employee silence motives: Scale validation, prevalence, and relationships with culture characteristics across 33 countries
  11. Paranoid employees and workplace ostracism
  12. Team Social Capital and Team Innovation: The Role of Task Conflict and Transformational Leadership
  13. Micro-foundations of organizational design and sustainability: The mediating role of learning ambidexterity
  14. Social Network Ties and Performance
  15. workplace ostracism
  16. Three types of negative ties: oblivious, paranoid, and disclosed
  17. Pragmatic impact of workplace ostracism
  18. Personalized and Depersonalized Responses to Leaders Fair Treatment
  19. Status judgments, identification, and counterproductive behavior
  20. The Perceived Internal Respect Scale