1. Article
    The importance of culture for effective solid waste management in Canada
  2. Article
    Assessing digitalization of plastic waste management in Indonesia
  3. Article
    How language shapes our understanding of homelessness during a natural disaster
  4. Article
    Considering climate change to predict rainfall patterns in urban areas
  5. Article
    Advancing the large scale production of low carbon biofuels
  6. Article
    Cost effective stormwater management strategies in response to climate change and urbanization
  7. Article
    Ammonia fuel cells – A revolutionary green energy source
  8. Article
    Energizing the next industrial revolution with self-charging power systems
  9. Article
    Reaching net zero: To recycle CO₂ or not?
  10. Article
    True solutions to sustainability: Embracing planetary boundaries in energy systems
  11. Article
    Assessment of the impact of human activities on the environment
  12. Article
    Advances in the adoption of artificial intelligence in water utility plants
  13. Article
    New water consumption model can improve interpretation of water use
  14. Article
    Integration of landscape architecture and ecosystem services: A path to sustainable design
  15. Article
    New and convenient ways to evaluate green buildings
  16. Article
    Investigating the bond strength in box beam bridges
  17. Article
    Understanding the Long-Term Impact of Wildfires on Land Stability
  18. Article
    Enhancing Lithium Ion Battery Performance through an Innovative Cooling System
  19. Article
    Harnessing breakwaters for renewable energy: Technologies and challenges
  20. Article
    How Ghana can adopt the use of electric vehicles
  21. Article
    Racial disparities in the Safe Drinking Water Act enforcement within the USA
  22. Article
    Assessing the Sustainability of Tourist Destinations Objectively
  23. Article
    How circular designs of buildings can reduce carbon emissions
  24. Article
    Assessing linkages between infrastructure systems to improve disaster management
  25. Article
    Considering climate for future urban rainfall projection and flood management
  26. Article
    Considering climate change in a new framework to evaluate structural aging
  27. Article
    Building community resilience by designing better interconnected infrastructure systems
  28. Article
    Analyzing infrastructure resilience using a high-level methodology
  29. Article
    Determining rainfall estimates to plan better in the face of climate change.
  30. Article
    Climate change creates new risks to dam safety
  31. Article
    Toward cyclable cities: An alternative urban development strategy
  32. Article
    Role of sustainability assessment tools in creating low carbon cities and district
  33. Article
    Unique features of tropical cyclones in Southeast China can help examine wind profile
  34. Article
    Impact of sea level rise on coastal flooding in the Chesapeake Bay
  35. Article
    What makes energy efficient buildings successful?
  36. Article
    Incorporating climate-change related risks in transport asset management


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