1. Article
    A promising technique for removing nitrates from wastewater
  2. Article
    Improving Agriculture Productivity of Rice with Carbon-Nanomaterials
  3. Article
    Solar energy-driven evaporators: A solution to the drinking water crisis?
  4. Article
    A new ‘green’ coating for flame-retardant wooden buildings
  5. Article
    Can countries in Africa afford to switch to green energy?
  6. Article
    Food waste can be processed to make clean fuel.
  7. Article
    Biofuel production from date palm waste using photovoltaic plants
  8. Article
    Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in heavy oil refineries
  9. Article
    Understanding the benefits of a circular economy based on excreta derived fertilizers
  10. Article
    Room temperature synthesis of novel catalysts for water splitting under sunlight
  11. Article
    Advancing the large scale production of low carbon biofuels
  12. Article
    A new zeolite for manufacturing pure ethylene
  13. Article
    Ammonia fuel cells – A revolutionary green energy source
  14. Article
    Energizing the next industrial revolution with self-charging power systems
  15. Article
    Can machine learning help us beat global warming?
  16. Article
    Haber-Bosch 2.0: Creating a carbon-free energy landscape with a second ammonia revolution
  17. Article
    Getting past the fossil fuel hitch: Clean energy alternatives for carbon mitigation
  18. Article
    The power panning dilemma: How developing Asia is keeping up
  19. Article
    Reaching net zero: To recycle CO₂ or not?
  20. Article
    Countering our carbon footprint with carbon dioxide utilisation
  21. Article
    Paper Trail: A closer look at energy consumption in the papermaking industry
  22. Article
    True solutions to sustainability: Embracing planetary boundaries in energy systems
  23. Article
    Global co-operation for effective climate change mitigation
  24. Article
    It’s Easy Being Green—Boosting sustainability in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  25. Article
    Assessment of the impact of human activities on the environment
  26. Article
    Get clean drinking water on the go, with this small filter
  27. Article
    Untreated cancer drugs in water pose risks to aquatic life
  28. Article
    “Oil eating” microbes may help protect our oceans in the future
  29. Article
    Impact of wildfires on ecosystems and water quality in the western United States
  30. Article
    Tracing the spread and accumulation of plastic nanoparticles in zebrafish
  31. Article
    Impact of microplastics and chemical contaminants on soil health
  32. Article
    Environmental impact and economics of propane and propene production
  33. Article
    Improving Anion Detection in Aqueous Solutions
  34. Article
    Producing Ethanol: ‘Reducing’ carbon dioxide for good
  35. Article
    Making carbon reduction more efficient, and more affordable
  36. Article
    How climate change will affect our health and what we can do about it