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  1. Athena SWAN charter, gender (in)equality and tourism academia
  2. What is the true altitude of a peak?
  3. Do people living in high mountains have more understanding of tourists?
  4. Healing tourism new post-COVID19 product
  5. What are the health hazards at Indian pilgrimage sites?
  6. What are the trends of adventure tourism in Nepal?
  7. How LEGO® Serious Play® helps understand experiences
  8. A book review of "Overtourism: Excesses, discontents and measures in travel and tourism"
  9. A book review of "Emotional Intelligence in tourism and hospitality industry" by Erdogan Koc
  10. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and tourism research
  11. Ketso is a ‘workshop in a bag’
  12. This publication is part of my doctoral project focused on host-guest exchange in the WWOOF network.
  13. A book review of "Femininities in the Field" by Brooke A. Porter & Heike A. Schänzel
  14. This publication is about host-guest relations in the non-profit exchange programme WWOOF.
  15. A book review of the "Demystifying Theories in Tourism Research" by Kelly Bricker and Holly Donohoe.
  16. A book review of the "Tourism in Russia, a management handbook" by F.Dimanche & L.Andrades.
  17. Current and future potentialities of critical hospitality studies: a conference workshop report
  18. The first tourism study to apply the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.