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  1. A Tale of Two Cities: Data and Configuration Variances in Robust Deep Learning
  2. Exploring Blockchains Interoperability: A Systematic Survey
  3. BDFL: A Blockchain-Enabled FL Framework for Edge-based Smart UAV Delivery Systems
  4. Fine-Grained Online Energy Management of Edge Data Centers Using Per-Core Power Gating and Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling
  5. VSP-Fuse: Multifocus Image Fusion Model Using the Knowledge Transferred From Visual Salience Priors
  6. Formal Security Analysis on dBFT Protocol of NEO
  7. Transparent Registration-Based Encryption through Blockchain
  8. SoK: DAG-based Blockchain Systems
  9. Spatio-temporal data-driven detection of false data injection attacks in power distribution systems
  10. Transformer-Based Subject-Sensitive Hashing for Integrity Authentication of High-Resolution Remote Sensing (HRRS) Images
  11. Attack Detection in Automatic Generation Control Systems using LSTM-Based Stacked Autoencoders
  12. Adapting New Learners and New Resources to Micro Open Learning via Online Computation
  13. Digging into primary financial market: The issues of primary financial market issuance and investigations from the perspective of blockchain
  14. A Hybrid Incentive Mechanism for Decentralized Federated Learning
  15. Blockchain Enables Your Bill Safer
  16. Online Characterization and Detection of False Data Injection Attacks in Wide-Area Monitoring Systems
  17. DeDa: A DeFi-enabled Data Sharing and Trading System
  18. Software engineers' response to public crisis
  19. i-Bond: A Next Generation Bond’s Issuing Service System
  20. Internet of Things – ICIOT 2021
  21. How Can We Provide Additively Manufactured Parts with a Fingerprint? A Review of Tagging Strategies in Additive Manufacturing
  22. AAU-Net: Attention-Based Asymmetric U-Net for Subject-Sensitive Hashing of Remote Sensing Images
  23. Modeling Multi-Layer Access Control Policies of a Hyperledger-Fabric-Based Agriculture Supply Chain
  24. An instance-oriented performance measure for classification
  25. Capability-based IoT access control using blockchain
  26. Applying blockchain for primary financial market: A survey
  27. Trust Management for Reliable Cross-Platform Cooperation Based on Blockchain
  28. Towards Interconnected Blockchains
  29. C_CART: An instance confidence-based decision tree algorithm for classification
  30. Patterns for Blockchain-Based Payment Applications
  31. Bottleneck-Aware Resource Allocation for Service Processes
  32. ServiceNet
  33. Anonymous Blockchain-based System for Consortium
  34. Fact and Fiction: Challenging the Honest Majority Assumption of Permissionless Blockchains
  35. Mutual Information and Feature Importance Gradient Boosting: Automatic byte n‐gram feature reranking for Android malware detection
  36. Blockchain-Based Federated Learning for Device Failure Detection in Industrial IoT
  37. Edge Learning for Surveillance Video Uploading Sharing in Public Transport Systems
  38. BIDI: A classification algorithm with instance difficulty invariance
  39. Object Versioning for Flow-Sensitive Pointer Analysis
  40. A Blockchain-Based Containerized Edge Computing Platform for the Internet of Vehicles
  41. Customizable Reliable Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing in Cyber-Physical Social Networks
  42. A Blockchain-Enabled Federated Learning Model for Privacy Preservation: System Design
  43. ChainSim: A P2P Blockchain Simulation Framework
  44. HFM++: An Enhanced Holographic Factorization Machine for Recommendation
  45. A Deep Recommendation Framework for Completely New Users in Mashup Creation
  46. BHDA - A Blockchain-Based Hierarchical Data Access Model for Financial Services
  47. Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Impacts of False Data Injection Attacks in Smart Grids: An Overview
  48. Analytics on Health of Mobile Software Ecosystem Based on the Internal Operating Mechanism
  49. Ponzi Contracts Detection Based on Improved Convolutional Neural Network
  50. Statistical Techniques-based Characterization of FDIA in Smart Grids Considering Grid Contingencies
  51. Multi-focus image fusion based on L1 image transform
  52. Public and private blockchain in construction business process and information integration
  53. Exposing Android Event-Based Races by Selective Branch Instrumentation
  54. Design Pattern as a Service for Blockchain-Based Self-Sovereign Identity
  55. Real-Time Optimization of Dynamic Speed Scaling for Distributed Data Centers
  56. Statistical Detection Of Collective Data Fraud
  57. Decentralized Real-Time Optimization of Voltage Reconfigurable Cloud Computing Data Center
  58. Software Architecture for Blockchain-based Trade Certificate Systems
  59. Frequency-Reconfigurable Cloud Versus Fog Computing: An Energy-Efficiency Aspect
  60. BBM: A Blockchain-Based Model for Open Banking via Self-sovereign Identity
  61. Security Analysis on dBFT Protocol of NEO
  62. Attention-Based High-Order Feature Interactions to Enhance the Recommender System for Web-Based Knowledge-Sharing Service
  63. Deep-Cross-Attention Recommendation Model for Knowledge Sharing Micro Learning Service
  64. FabricGene: A Higher-Level Feature Representation of Fabric Patterns for Nationality Classification
  65. STRIP
  66. Byte2vec: Malware Representation and Feature Selection for Android
  67. From ideal to reality: segmentation, annotation, and recommendation, the vital trajectory of intelligent micro learning
  68. Pipeline provenance for cloud‐based big data analytics
  69. Multi-objective Optimisation of Online Distributed Software Update for DevOps in Clouds
  70. Cost-Efficient Stream Processing on the Cloud
  71. Crossover Service Fusion Approach Based on Microservice Architecture
  72. A Landscape of Cryptocurrencies
  73. A RESTful architecture for data exploration as a service
  74. Building Secure SRAM PUF Key Generators on Resource Constrained Devices
  75. Particle Swarm Optimization of Real-Time PID Controllers
  76. An Energy-Efficient Transmission Strategy for Cache-Enabled Wireless Networks With Non-Negligible Circuit Power
  77. APDP: Attack-Proof Personalized Differential Privacy Model for a Smart Home
  78. Crawled Data Analysis on Baidu API Website for Improving SaaS Platform (Short Paper)
  79. A Study of Contemporary System Performance Testing Framework
  80. Performance Analysis of Large-Scale Distributed Stream Processing Systems on the Cloud
  81. (WIP) Evaluation of a Cloud-Based System for Delivering Adaptive Micro Open Education Resource to Fresh Learners
  82. Elevated incidence of monozygotic twinning is associated with extended embryo culture, but not with zona pellucida manipulation or freeze-thaw procedure
  83. Spatio-temporal context reduction
  84. Live path control flow integrity
  85. A Lightweight Security and Privacy-Enhancing Key Establishment for Internet of Things Applications
  86. CTOM: Collaborative Task Offloading Mechanism for Mobile Cloudlet Networks
  88. Pregnancy outcomes of PCOS overweight/obese patients after controlled ovarian stimulation with the GnRH antagonist protocol and frozen embryo transfer
  89. MLaaS: A Cloud-Based System for Delivering Adaptive Micro Learning in Mobile MOOC Learning
  90. A Novel Perceptual Hash Algorithm for Multispectral Image Authentication
  91. Malytics: A Malware Detection Scheme
  92. Temporal-Sparsity Aware Service Recommendation Method via Hybrid Collaborative Filtering Techniques
  93. Live Path CFI Against Control Flow Hijacking Attacks
  94. Data Service API Design for Data Analytics
  95. A Heuristic Approach for New-Item Cold Start Problem in Recommendation of Micro Open Education Resources
  96. A Simulation Approach for Studying Behavior and Quality of Blockchain Networks
  97. Examine Manipulated Datasets with Topology Data Analysis: A Case Study
  98. Learning Latent Byte-Level Feature Representation for Malware Detection
  99. A Study of Contemporary System Performance Testing Framework
  100. Machine-Learning-Guided Typestate Analysis for Static Use-After-Free Detection
  101. A Framework of MLaaS for Facilitating Adaptive Micro Learning through Open Education Resources in Mobile Environment
  102. A Distributed Deployment Algorithm of Process Fragments With Uncertain Traffic Matrix
  103. TruXy: Trusted Storage Cloud for Scientific Workflows
  104. Ontological Learner Profile Identification for Cold Start Problem in Micro Learning Resources Delivery
  105. Blockchain Based Data Integrity Service Framework for IoT Data
  106. Assisting Open Education Resource Providers and Instructors to Deal with Cold Start Problem in Adaptive Micro Learning: A Service Oriented Solution
  107. Body composition substudy of the SECOND-LINE study
  108. Extracting Fine-Grained Service Value Features and Distributions for Accurate Service Recommendation
  109. ProductRec: Product Bundle Recommendation Based on User's Sequential Patterns in Social Networking Service Environment
  110. Towards Massive Data and Sparse Data in Adaptive Micro Open Educational Resource Recommendation: A Study on Semantic Knowledge Base Construction and Cold Start Problem
  111. Empirically characteristic analysis of chaotic PID controlling particle swarm optimization
  112. Ovarian response prediction in controlled ovarian stimulation for IVF using anti-Müllerian hormone in Chinese women
  113. An adaptive prediction approach based on workload pattern discrimination in the cloud
  114. Efficient Keyword Search for Building Service-Based Systems Based on Dynamic Programming
  115. ARA-Assessor: Application-Aware Runtime Risk Assessment for Cloud-Based Business Continuity
  116. Organizing Online Computation for Adaptive Micro Open Education Resource Recommendation
  117. Predicting the Evolution of Service Value Features from User Reviews for Continuous Service Improvement
  118. SwingDB: An Embedded In-memory DBMS Enabling Instant Snapshot Sharing
  119. Handbook of Research on End-to-End Cloud Computing Architecture Design
  120. Build security into pub/sub middleware
  121. Realizing IoT service’s policy privacy over publish/subscribe-based middleware
  122. Choice of Software Development Methodologies: Do Organizational, Project, and Team Characteristics Matter?
  123. Profiling and Supporting Adaptive Micro Learning on Open Education Resources
  124. Model-Based Minimum Privacy Disclosure Recommendation for Authorization Policies
  125. Facilitating Secure Sharing of Personal Health Data in the Cloud
  126. Automated memory leak fixing on value-flow slices for C programs
  127. SafeProtect: Controlled Data Sharing With User-Defined Policies in Cloud-Based Collaborative Environment
  128. The Blockchain as a Software Connector
  129. K-PRSCAN: A clustering method based on PageRank
  130. PBCP: A Process-based Bussiness Collaboration Platform
  131. Automated Policy Combination for Secure Data Sharing in Cross-Organizational Collaborations
  132. A Secure Integrated Platform for Rapdily Formed Multiorganisation Collaborations
  133. Towards Bringing Adaptive Micro Learning into MOOC Courses
  134. Automated Policy Combination for Data Sharing across Multiple Organizations
  135. Cloud Docs: Secure Scalable Document Sharing on Public Clouds
  136. MLaaS: A Cloud System for Mobile Micro Learning in MOOC
  137. ReputationNet: Reputation-Based Service Recommendation for e-Science
  138. Self Protecting Data Sharing Using Generic Policies
  139. Drawing micro learning into MOOC: Using fragmented pieces of time to enable effective entire course learning experiences
  140. Optimizing Workload Category for Adaptive Workload Prediction in Service Clouds
  141. Numerical simulation of a new two-dimensional variable-order fractional percolation equation in non-homogeneous porous media
  142. Protecting and Analysing Health Care Data on Cloud
  143. Domain-aware reputable service recommendation in heterogeneous manufacturing service ecosystem
  144. Cloud Based Toolbox for Image Analysis, Processing and Reconstruction Tasks
  145. Synergistic delivery of gold nanorods using multifunctional microbubbles for enhanced plasmonic photothermal therapy
  146. An Architectural Evaluation for Scientific Workflow Service Deployment in a Virtual Laboratory
  147. Secure Multiparty Data Sharing in the Cloud Using Hardware-Based TPM Devices
  148. A platform for secure monitoring and sharing of generic health data in the Cloud
  149. Cost-oriented proactive fault tolerance approach to high performance computing (HPC) in the cloud
  150. Service-Oriented Computing – ICSOC 2013 Workshops
  151. Security, Privacy and Trust in Cloud Systems
  152. A Novel Equitable Trustworthy Mechanism for Service Recommendation in the Evolving Service Ecosystem
  153. Galaxy + Hadoop: Toward a Collaborative and Scalable Image Processing Toolbox in Cloud
  154. Secure and Controlled Sharing of Data in Distributed Computing
  155. Secure Data Sharing in the Cloud
  156. Energy Efficient Fault Tolerance for High Performance Computing (HPC) in the Cloud
  157. Cloud Computing for High Performance Image Analysis on a National Infrastructure
  158. A survey of fault tolerance mechanisms and checkpoint/restart implementations for high performance computing systems
  159. A Mobile Cloud with Trusted Data Provenance Services for Bioinformatics Research
  160. Mirror, Mirror, on the Web, Which Is the Most Reputable Service of Them All?
  161. Biomedical image analysis and processing in clouds
  162. A Performance Evaluation of Public Cloud Using TPC-C
  163. Data Provenance and Data Management in eScience
  164. A Proactive Fault Tolerance Approach to High Performance Computing (HPC) in the Cloud
  165. A performance evaluation of distributed database architectures
  166. ReputationNet: A Reputation Engine to Enhance ServiceMap by Recommending Trusted Services
  167. A Financial Compensation Based Transaction Management Model for Service-Oriented Business Collaborations
  168. Business Process Engine Simulator
  169. A Fault Tolerance Framework for High Performance Computing in Cloud
  170. A configurable UI framework for easy composition visualisation of web services at semantic level.
  171. A Consolidated Process Model for Identity Management
  172. Accountability for Service Compliance
  173. A MapReduce-Based Parallel Clustering Algorithm for Large Protein-Protein Interaction Networks
  174. A Secure Storage Service in the Hybrid Cloud
  175. Secure Connectivity for Intra-cloud and Inter-cloud Communication
  176. Modelling Collaborative Services for Business and QoS Compliance
  177. DIaaS: Data Integrity as a Service in the Cloud
  178. Feedback loop mechanisms based particle swarm optimization with neighborhood topology
  179. Dynamic Business Collaborations Through Contract Services
  180. Facilitating Biodefense Research with Mobile-Cloud Computing
  181. A Service-Oriented User Interface for the Next Generation Web
  182. Dynamic Business Collaborations Through Contract Services
  183. A Test-bed for the Evaluation of Business Process Prediction Techniques
  184. A Mobile Web Service Middleware and Its Performance Study
  185. A Smart User Interface for Service-Oriented Web
  186. mBOSSS+: A Mobile Web Services Framework
  187. Accountability as a Service for the Cloud
  188. A Mobile Learning System for Syndromic Surveillance and Diagnosis
  189. Accountability as a Service for the Cloud: From Concept to Implementation with BPEL
  190. An Application-Level Data Transparent Authentication Scheme without Communication Overhead
  191. End-to-End Service Support for Mashups
  192. TrustStore: Making Amazon S3 Trustworthy with Services Composition
  193. Managing Web Services: An Application in Bioinformatics
  194. A Contract-Based Accountability Service Model
  195. Supporting Bioinformatic Experiments with a Service Query Engine
  196. A Contract Language for Service-Oriented Dynamic Collaborations
  197. A Service-Oriented Architecture to enable virtual storage services: a dynamic collaboration context
  198. Finite difference approximations for the fractional Fokker–Planck equation
  199. Secure and Conditional Resource Coordination for Successful Collaborations
  200. Facilitating Dynamic Collaborations with eContract Services
  201. Composing Adaptive Web Services on COTS Middleware
  202. WS-CCDL: A Framework for Web Service Collaborative Context Definition Language for Dynamic Collaborations
  203. Message from the SEASS Workshop Chairs
  204. WSLA+: Web Service Level Agreement Language for Collaborations
  205. Achieving simultaneous distribution control and privacy protection for Internet media delivery
  206. Yet Another Performance Testing Framework
  207. ADI-Euler and extrapolation methods for the two-dimensional fractional advection-dispersion equation
  208. Cooperative Data Management Services Based on Accountable Contract
  209. Performance Evaluation and Modeling of Web Services Security
  210. Explicitly Controlling the Fair Service for Busy Web Servers
  211. An Infrastructure Virtualisation SOA for VNO-based Business Models
  212. User-Controlled Collaborations in the Context of Trust Extended Environments
  213. Virtual Storage Services for Dynamic Collaborations
  214. Auto-tune design and evaluation on staged event-driven architecture
  215. A Performance Evaluation of Web Services Security
  216. Evaluation and Modeling of Web Services Performance
  217. Performance prediction of component-based applications
  218. A low energy, high-luminosity, high-resolution double-focusing magnetic beta-ray spectrometer for measuring neutrino rest mass
  219. The Radioactive Decay of 44gSc and 44mSc
  220. Facilitating Biodefense Research with Mobile-Cloud Computing
  221. A predictive performance model to evaluate the contention cost in application servers
  222. Evaluating the scalability of Enterprise JavaBeans technology
  223. A Technology and Process Analysis for Contemporary Identity Management Frameworks
  224. Cost of Using Cloud Computing
  225. International Journal of Systems and Service-Oriented Engineering