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  1. PSINet
  2. A Mutual Security Authentication Method for RFID-PUF Circuit Based on Deep Learning
  3. A Fast Defogging Image Recognition Algorithm Based on Bilateral Hybrid Filtering
  4. CASQ: Adaptive and cloud-assisted query processing in vehicular sensor networks
  5. Overcome the GC-Induced Performance Variability in SSD-Based RAIDs With Request Redirection
  6. TBRS: A trust based recommendation scheme for vehicular CPS network
  7. Improving the performance of feature selection and data clustering with novel global search and elite-guided artificial bee colony algorithm
  8. IOFollow: Improving the performance of VM live storage migration with IO following in the cloud
  9. Hausdorff Distance Model-Based Identity Authentication for IP Circuits in Service-Centric Internet-of-Things Environment
  10. An intelligent/cognitive model of task scheduling for IoT applications in cloud computing environment
  11. PP: Popularity-based Proactive Data Recovery for HDFS RAID systems
  12. A Security Situation Prediction Algorithm Based on HMM in Mobile Network
  13. A novel approach for mobile malware classification and detection in Android systems
  14. A collaborative and open solution for large-scale online learning
  15. A keyword-aware recommender system using implicit feedback on Hadoop
  16. RAMON: Region-Aware Memory Controller
  17. Guest Editorial Special Section on Engineering Industrial Big Data Analytics Platforms for Internet of Things
  18. CDPS: A cryptographic data publishing system
  19. DAC: Improving storage availability with Deduplication-Assisted Cloud-of-Clouds
  20. System implications of LLC MSHRs in scalable memory systems
  21. Exploiting dynamic transaction queue size in scalable memory systems
  22. A real time vehicle management system implementation on cloud computing platform
  23. New Publicly Verifiable Computation for Batch Matrix Multiplication
  24. Building a mobile movie recommendation service by user rating and APP usage with linked data on Hadoop
  25. Message from the IEEE ISPA 2016 Program Chairs
  26. Fine-grained searchable encryption in multi-user setting
  27. P-CP-ABE: Parallelizing Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption for clouds
  28. An incentive mechanism for K-anonymity in LBS privacy protection based on credit mechanism
  29. Last level cache size heterogeneity in embedded systems
  30. 3D underwater scene reconstruction through descattering and colour correction
  31. Accurate Analysis of a Movie Recommendation Service with Linked Data on Hadoop and Mahout
  32. Advances in Signal Processing and Intelligent Recognition Systems
  33. Efficient parallelised search engine based on virtual cluster
  34. GPU Computations on Hadoop Clusters for Massive Data Processing
  35. Message from the CSE 2015 Steering Committee
  36. The Design and Implementation of Embedded Online Laboratory
  37. Message from BDCloud 2015 Program Chairs
  38. Message from FCST 2015 General Chairs
  39. Implications of shallower memory controller transaction queues in scalable memory systems
  40. Towards Bringing Adaptive Micro Learning into MOOC Courses
  41. Secured map reduce computing based on virtual machine using threshold secret sharing and group signature mechanisms in cloud computing environments
  42. An improved algorithm to convert CAD model to MCNP geometry model based on STEP file
  43. Guest Editorial: Embedded Multicore Systems and Applications
  44. 3D skeleton construction by multi-view 2D images and 3D model segmentation
  45. A real-time hand gesture recognition system for daily information retrieval from the internet
  46. A secured transmission model for EPC network
  47. Analysis of Gesture Combos for Social Activity on Smartphone
  48. GPU-accelerated DEM implementation with CUDA
  49. GPU-accelerated visualisation of ADS granular flow target model
  50. Message from Program Co-chairs
  51. Message from the CSE 2014 Steering Chairs
  52. Maintenance of cooperative overlays in multi-overlay networks
  53. A scalable blackbox-oriented e-learning system based on desktop grid over private cloud
  54. Scaling up MapReduce-based Big Data Processing on Multi-GPU systems
  55. Message from U-Science 2014 Program Chairs
  56. RCSoS: An IEC 61508 Compatible Server Model for Reliable Communication
  57. GPU-in-Hadoop: Enabling MapReduce across distributed heterogeneous platforms
  58. Taiwan UniCloud: A Cloud Testbed with Collaborative Cloud Services
  59. An efficient and comprehensive scheduler on Asymmetric Multicore Architecture systems
  60. Community Identification in Multiple Relationship Social Networks
  61. Embedding GPU Computations in Hadoop
  62. Insights on memory controller scaling in multi-core embedded systems
  63. Toward a Mobile Application for Social Sharing Context
  64. A Hypervisor for MIPS-Based Architecture Processors - A Case Study in Loongson Processors
  65. A Server Model for Reliable Communication on Cell/B.E.
  66. A scalable P2P overlay based on arrangement graph with minimized overhead
  67. A Checkpoint/Restart Scheme for CUDA Applications with Complex Memory Hierarchy
  68. Foreword
  69. Towards constructing application-level GPU computation states
  70. Accelerating MapReduce framework on multi-GPU systems
  71. Direction-aware resource discovery in large-scale distributed computing environments
  72. Efficient programming paradigm for video streaming processing on TILE64 platform
  73. A Case of Security Encryption Storage System Based on SAN Environments
  74. A Checkpoint/Restart Scheme for CUDA Programs with Complex Computation States
  75. Arrangement Graph-Based Overlay with Replica Mechanism for File Sharing
  76. Message from the CSE 2012 Steering Chairs
  77. Erratum to: XtratuM/PPC: a hypervisor for partitioned system on PowerPC processors
  78. Interactive design using non-touch technologies for group trip
  79. A Mobile Application Framework for Rapid Integration of Ubiquitous Web Services
  80. An Efficient Clustering Authentication Mechanism for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  81. A Secure Distributed File System Based on Revised Blakley's Secret Sharing Scheme
  82. Deploying Scalable and Secure Secret Sharing with GPU Many-Core Architecture
  83. Video Editing Using Motion Inpainting
  84. Secure protocols for data propagation and group communication in vehicular networks
  85. Efficient GPGPU-Based Parallel Packet Classification
  86. An Efficient Programming Paradigm for Shared-Memory Master-Worker Video Decoding on TILE64 Many-Core Platform
  87. A Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition System for Daily Information Retrieval from Internet
  88. Message from the U-Media 2011 Program Co-Chairs
  89. Using Gesture Annotation to Achieve Real-Time Communication under MSNP
  90. A web-based travel system using mashup in the RESTful design
  91. A Locality-Aware Publish/Subscribe Scheme for High Level Architecture on Structured Peer-to-Peer Networks
  92. Message from the Steering Committee - CSE 2010
  93. SEC 2010 Message from the Symposium Chairs
  94. A Novel Approach for Cooperative Overlay-Maintenance in Multi-overlay Environments
  95. Preface of MENS 2010
  96. Pervasive health service system: insights on the development of a grid-based personal health service system
  97. A Message Forward Tool for Integration of Clusters of Clusters Based on MPI Architecture
  98. Monitoring procedures for tourism using RFID and Google maps technologies
  99. Video narrative authoring with motion inpainting
  100. Handbook of Research on Scalable Computing Technologies
  101. Welcome Message from the NSTC 2009 Workshop Chairs - Volume 2
  102. A Recursively-Adjusting Co-allocation scheme with a Cyber-Transformer in Data Grids
  103. Conference Information
  104. A novel strategy for building interoperable MPI environment in heterogeneous high performance systems
  105. A dynamic and scalable performance monitoring toolkit for cluster and grid environments
  106. An Adaptive Anti-Collision Algorithm towards Efficient RFID Tag Identification
  107. On Performance Enhancement of Circuit Simulation Using Multithreaded Techniques
  108. SARIDS: A Self-Adaptive Resource Index and Discovery System
  109. A Novel Approach to Quantify Novelty Levels Applied on Ubiquitous Music Distribution
  110. A novel method for classification of high-resolution nailfold capillary microscopy images
  111. A two-level hierarchical scheduling method for independent tasks in grids
  112. Toward an Efficient Middleware for Multithreaded Applications in Computational Grid
  113. Performance-based parallel application toolkit for high-performance clusters
  114. Towards implementation of a novel scheme for data prefetching on distributed shared memory systems
  115. Design and Implementation of an Agent Home Scheme Strategy for Prefetch-Based DSM Systems
  116. Message from SEC 2008 Symposium Chairs
  117. Preface of MamSOE'08
  118. Message from the SECUBIQ-08 Workshop Co-Chairs
  119. Classification framework for nailfold capillary microscopy images
  120. Supporting the transparent execution of high performance applications on grids
  121. Performance effective pre-scheduling strategy for heterogeneous grid systems in the master slave paradigm
  122. Improvements on dynamic adjustment mechanism in co-allocation data grid environments
  123. The design and implementation of Visuel performance monitoring and analysis toolkit for cluster and grid environments
  124. Foreword from Guest Editors
  125. Optimizing Communications of Dynamic Data Redistribution on Symmetrical Matrices in Parallelizing Compilers
  126. Towards Design of a File Location Selection System in Grid Environments
  127. On the Design and Implementation of an Effective Prefetch Strategy for DSM Systems
  128. Distributing users with profile and buffer constraint in enterprise systems
  129. An Enhanced Parallel Loop Self-Scheduling Scheme for Cluster Environments
  130. Scheduling Convex Bipartite Communications Toward Efficient GEN_BLOCK Transformations
  131. Design and Implementation of TIGER Grid: an Integrated Metropolitan-Scale Grid Environment
  132. A High-Performance Computational Resource Broker for Grid Computing Environments
  133. Decision Tree Construction for Data Mining on Grid Computing Environments
  134. Scheduling for Atomic Broadcast Operation in Heterogeneous Networks with One Port Model
  135. An Enhanced Parallel Loop Self-Scheduling Scheme for Cluster Environments
  136. Design Issues of a Novel Toolkit for Parallel Application Performance Monitoring and Analysis in Cluster and Grid Environments
  137. Implementation of Visuel MPI Parallel Program Performance Analysis Tool for Cluster Environments
  138. On Construction of a Visualization Toolkit for MPI Parallel Programs in Cluster Environments
  139. On Design of Agent Home Scheme for Prefetching Strategy in DSM Systems
  140. Performance Issues of Grid Computing Based on Different Architecture Cluster Computing Platforms