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  1. Build security into pub/sub middleware
  2. Internet of Things Service Provisioning Platform for Cross-Application Cooperation
  3. A Hybrid Complex Event Service Based on IoT Resource Models
  4. Scalable IoT Services
  5. Event-Driven SOA for IoT Services
  6. A Feedback-corrected Collaborative Filtering for Personalized Real-world Service Recommendation
  7. A multidimensional resource model for dynamic resource matching in internet of things
  8. Universal Identity Management Based on Delegation in SOA
  9. Data-Centric Access Control with Confidentiality for Collaborating Smart Grid Services Based on Publish/Subscribe Paradigm
  10. Homomorphic-Encryption-Based Separation Approach for Outsourced Data Management
  11. Wide-area SCADA system with distributed security framework
  12. Access Control as a Service for Public Cloud Storage
  13. An Event-Driven SOA Based Service Integration Framework for Provision of Active Services
  14. Flexible Authorization by Generating Public Re-decryption Trapdoor in Outsourced Scenarios
  15. Policy Consolidation and Privacy-Vital Information Flow Control in Composite Services
  16. A Delegation Solution for Universal Identity Management in SOA
  17. Universal Identity Management Model Based on Anonymous Credentials