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  1. On Stablecoin: Ecosystem, architecture, mechanism and applicability as payment method
  2. A Sparse Sensor Placement Strategy Based on Information Entropy and Data Reconstruction for Ocean Monitoring
  3. Hot topics with decaying attention in social networks: Modeling and analysis of message spreading
  4. MedRSS: A blockchain-based scheme for secure storage and sharing of medical records
  5. An evolutive framework for server placement optimization to digital twin networks
  6. CTDM: cryptocurrency abnormal transaction detection method with spatio-temporal and global representation
  7. A Systematic Review of Consensus Mechanisms in Blockchain
  8. Does Short-and-Distort Scheme Really Exist? A Bitcoin Futures Audit Scheme through BIRCH & BPNN Approach
  9. A Trajectory Privacy-Preserving Scheme Based on Transition Matrix and Caching for IIoT
  10. BAKA: Biometric Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme Based on Fuzzy Extractor for Wireless Body Area Networks
  11. GTxChain: A Secure IoT Smart Blockchain Architecture Based on Graph Neural Network
  12. SEE-3D: Sentiment-driven emotion-cause pair extraction based on 3D-CNN
  13. TS-GCN: Aspect-level sentiment classification model for consumer reviews
  14. DRJOA: intelligent resource management optimization through deep reinforcement learning approach in edge computing
  15. Software-defined network aided lightweight group key management for resource-constrained Internet of Things devices
  16. Aggregating dense and attentional multi-scale feature network for salient object detection
  17. Causality extraction model based on two-stage GCN
  18. Data Fusion Approach for Collaborative Anomaly Intrusion Detection in Blockchain-Based Systems
  19. A blockchain-based secure storage and access control scheme for supply chain finance
  20. A novel oversampling and feature selection hybrid algorithm for imbalanced data classification
  21. A Mutual Security Authentication Method for RFID-PUF Circuit Based on Deep Learning
  22. Isaacs’ syndrome as the initial presentation of malignant thymoma and associated with double-positive voltage-gated potassium channel complex antibodies, a case report
  23. A Traceable and Revocable Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-based Encryption Scheme Based on Privacy Protection
  24. A study on optimally constructed compactly supported orthogonal wavelet filters
  25. A named entity recognition method towards product reviews based on BiLSTM-attention-CRF
  26. Active Malicious Accounts Detection with Multimodal Fusion Machine Learning Algorithm
  27. CRFST-GCN: A Deeplearning Spatial-Temporal Frame to Predict Traffic Flow
  28. Fabric-GC: A Blockchain-based Gantt chart system for cross-organizational project management
  29. Recent advancements in privacy-aware protocols of source location privacy in wireless sensor networks: A survey
  30. Blockchain-Assisted Secure Fine-Grained Searchable Encryption for a Cloud-Based Healthcare Cyber-Physical System
  31. A Secure and Efficient Conditional Anonymous Scheme for Permissionless Blockchains
  32. A lightweight anonymous cross-regional mutual authentication scheme using blockchain technology for internet of vehicles
  33. RLP-AGMC: Robust label propagation for saliency detection based on an adaptive graph with multiview connections
  34. A data processing method based on sequence labeling and syntactic analysis for extracting new sentiment words from product reviews
  35. Verifiable data streaming with efficient update for intelligent automation systems
  36. High-precision linearized interpretation for fully connected neural network
  37. Improving the Efficiency of Customer's Credit Rating with Machine Learning in Big Data Cloud Computing
  38. A multi‐objective distance vector‐hop localization algorithm based on differential evolution quantum particle swarm optimization
  39. Circuit Copyright Blockchain: Blockchain-Based Homomorphic Encryption for IP Circuit Protection
  40. SBBS: A Secure Blockchain-Based Scheme for IoT Data Credibility in Fog Environment
  41. A novel Byzantine fault tolerance consensus for Green IoT with intelligence based on reinforcement
  42. One enhanced secure access scheme for outsourced data
  43. A Fast Defogging Image Recognition Algorithm Based on Bilateral Hybrid Filtering
  44. A two-stage intrusion detection approach for software-defined IoT networks
  45. A clique-based discrete bat algorithm for influence maximization in identifying top-k influential nodes of social networks
  46. Towards the optimality of service instance selection in mobile edge computing
  47. A blockchain-based Roadside Unit-assisted authentication and key agreement protocol for Internet of Vehicles
  48. Cross-modality co-attention networks for visual question answering
  49. Double-layer affective visual question answering network
  50. On the Exploitation of Blockchain for Distributed File Storage
  51. ARFV: An Efficient Shared Data Auditing Scheme Supporting Revocation for Fog-Assisted Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
  52. NDMF: Neighborhood-Integrated Deep Matrix Factorization for Service QoS Prediction
  53. Privacy preserving based logistic regression on big data
  54. Welcome Messages from IEEE EUC 2020 Program Chairs
  55. A real-world service mashup platform based on data integration, information synthesis, and knowledge fusion
  56. An energy-efficient task migration scheme based on genetic algorithms for mobile applications in CloneCloud
  57. Building multi-subtopic Bi-level network for micro-blog hot topic based on feature Co-Occurrence and semantic community division
  58. An Efficient Two-Factor Authentication Scheme Based on the Merkle Tree
  59. Secure Data Storage and Recovery in Industrial Blockchain Network Environments
  60. Secure multiparty learning from the aggregation of locally trained models
  61. A secure mutual authentication scheme of blockchain-based in WBANs
  62. Ensemble machine learning approaches for webshell detection in Internet of things environments
  63. K maximum probability attack paths generation algorithm for target nodes in networked systems
  64. Recognition of Crop Diseases Based on Depthwise Separable Convolution in Edge Computing
  65. Sentiment classification model for Chinese micro-blog comments based on key sentences extraction
  66. Extending emotional lexicon for improving the classification accuracy of Chinese film reviews
  67. Deep Reinforcement Learning for Resource Protection and Real-Time Detection in IoT Environment
  68. DroidPortrait: Android Malware Portrait Construction Based on Multidimensional Behavior Analysis
  69. A novel data representation framework based on nonnegative manifold regularisation
  70. Towards a Trust-Enhanced Blockchain P2P Topology for Enabling Fast and Reliable Broadcast
  71. On the code modernization of shared sampling alpha matting with OpenMP
  72. CASH: correlation-aware scheduling to mitigate soft error impact on heterogeneous multicores
  73. An intrusion detection approach based on improved deep belief network
  74. Salient object detection based on distribution-edge guidance and iterative Bayesian optimization
  75. Multi-Keyword ranked search based on mapping set matching in cloud ciphertext storage system
  76. An Informative and Comprehensive Behavioral Characteristics Analysis Methodology of Android Application for Data Security in Brain-Machine Interfacing
  77. An Industrial Network Intrusion Detection Algorithm Based on Multifeature Data Clustering Optimization Model
  78. SNPL: One Scheme of Securing Nodes in IoT Perception Layer
  79. Wireless sensor network intrusion detection system based on MK-ELM
  80. Detecting straggler MapReduce tasks in big data processing infrastructure by neural network
  81. Enhancing the Sensor Node Localization Algorithm Based on Improved DV-Hop and DE Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks
  82. Optimal Execution Strategy for Large Orders in Big Data: Order Type using Q-learning Considerations
  83. A Blockchain-Based Traceable IP Copyright Protection Algorithm
  84. A Secure Framework for Data Sharing in Private Blockchain-Based WBANs
  85. An Efficient Privacy-Preserving Multi-Keyword Query Scheme in Location Based Services
  86. Local Codes With Cooperative Repair in Distributed Storage of Cyber-Physical-Social Systems
  87. Using Cost-Sensitive Learning and Feature Selection Algorithms to Improve the Performance of Imbalanced Classification
  88. A Scalable Feature Selection and Opinion Miner Using Whale Optimization Algorithm
  89. A K-means algorithm based on characteristics of density applied to network intrusion detection
  90. Parallelisation of practical shared sampling alpha matting with OpenMP
  91. Preface
  92. Robust Adaptive Control of Maximum Power Point Tracking for Wind Power System
  93. A Dual-Chain Digital Copyright Registration and Transaction System Based on Blockchain Technology
  94. A Hybrid Mutual Authentication Scheme Based on Blockchain Technology for WBANs
  95. Distributed Reliable and Efficient Transmission Task Assignment for WSNs
  96. Iterative Positioning Algorithm for Indoor Node Based on Distance Correction in WSNs
  97. A double PUF-based RFID identity authentication protocol in service-centric internet of things environments
  98. Efficient data packet transmission algorithm for IPV6 mobile vehicle network based on fast switching model with time difference
  99. Predictive control modeling of ADS’s MEBT using BPNN to reduce the impact of noise on the control system
  100. Urban Traffic Coulomb’s Law: A New Approach for Taxi Route Recommendation
  101. A Resource Allocation Mechanism Based on Weighted Efficiency Interference-Aware for D2D Underlaid Communication
  102. On one-time cookies protocol based on one-time password
  103. A Secure FaBric Blockchain-Based Data Transmission Technique for Industrial Internet-of-Things
  104. CASQ: Adaptive and cloud-assisted query processing in vehicular sensor networks
  105. Overcome the GC-Induced Performance Variability in SSD-Based RAIDs With Request Redirection
  106. A New Multilevel Circuit Partitioning Algorithm Based on the Improved KL Algorithm
  107. An Anonymous Mutual Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme in WBAN
  108. FPGA-based approximate calculation system of General Vector Machine
  109. New publicly verifiable computation for batch matrix multiplication
  110. TBRS: A trust based recommendation scheme for vehicular CPS network
  111. Improving the performance of feature selection and data clustering with novel global search and elite-guided artificial bee colony algorithm
  112. IOFollow: Improving the performance of VM live storage migration with IO following in the cloud
  113. Hausdorff Distance Model-Based Identity Authentication for IP Circuits in Service-Centric Internet-of-Things Environment
  114. A High Throughput MAC Protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks in Intensive Care
  115. Arrhythmia recognition and classification through deep learning-based approach
  116. BlockP2P: Enabling Fast Blockchain Broadcast with Scalable Peer-to-Peer Network Topology
  117. A new efficient privacy-preserving data publish-subscribe scheme
  118. PUF-Based Anonymous Authentication Scheme for Hardware Devices and IPs in Edge Computing Environment
  119. Parallel fast Fourier transform in SPMD style of Cilk
  120. Predicting new composition relations between web services via link analysis
  121. Secure Multiparty Learning from Aggregation of Locally Trained Models
  122. Water contamination monitoring system based on big data: a case study
  123. Advances in Cyber Security: Principles, Techniques, and Applications
  124. Lattice-based identity-based ring signature without trapdoors
  125. Predicting new composition relations between web services via link analysis
  126. An intelligent/cognitive model of task scheduling for IoT applications in cloud computing environment
  127. Generic user revocation systems for attribute-based encryption in cloud storage
  128. A Leakage-Resilient FPGA-Based IP Identity Authentication Protocol
  129. A Novel Bidirectional RFID Identity Authentication Protocol
  130. PP: Popularity-based Proactive Data Recovery for HDFS RAID systems
  131. A Security Situation Prediction Algorithm Based on HMM in Mobile Network
  132. A novel approach for mobile malware classification and detection in Android systems
  133. A collaborative and open solution for large-scale online learning
  134. A Novel Identity Authentication for FPGA Based IP Designs
  135. A keyword-aware recommender system using implicit feedback on Hadoop
  136. An energy-efficient dynamic decision model for wireless multi-sensor network
  137. Blockchain-based fair three-party contract signing protocol for fog computing
  138. RAMON: Region-Aware Memory Controller
  139. Conceptual alignment deep neural networks
  140. Improving file locality in multi-keyword top-k search based on clustering
  141. The Secure Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Group Communication Mechanisms in Smart City
  142. Guest Editorial Special Section on Engineering Industrial Big Data Analytics Platforms for Internet of Things
  143. A Novel Lightweight PUF-Based RFID Mutual Authentication Protocol
  144. An efficient algorithm for modelling and dynamic prediction of network traffic
  145. Deploying parallelised ciphertext-policy attributed-based encryption in clouds
  146. Progressive Image Retrieval With Quality Guarantee Under MapReduce Framework
  147. CDPS: A cryptographic data publishing system
  148. Trends and Strategic Researches in Internet of Everything
  149. A Model for Predicting Vehicle Parking in Fog Networks
  150. Implementation and Design of a Middleware Platform Based on WCF
  151. Non-uniform de-Scattering and de-Blurring of Underwater Images
  152. The Cluster-based Key Management Mechanism with Secure Data Transmissions Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks
  153. DAC: Improving storage availability with Deduplication-Assisted Cloud-of-Clouds
  154. Researches on secure data transmission mechanisms in cloud Internet of Things architectures
  155. System implications of LLC MSHRs in scalable memory systems
  156. Message from the CSE 2017 Program Chairs
  157. Message from the CSE 2017 Steering Committee Chairs
  158. DMRS: an efficient dynamic multi-keyword ranked search over encrypted cloud data
  159. Big Data Management and Processing
  160. mD3DOCKxb: An Ultra-Scalable CPU-MIC Coordinated Virtual Screening Framework
  161. Exploiting dynamic transaction queue size in scalable memory systems
  162. A real time vehicle management system implementation on cloud computing platform
  163. New Publicly Verifiable Computation for Batch Matrix Multiplication
  164. A Fair Three-Party Contract Singing Protocol Based on Blockchain
  165. L4eRTL: a robust and secure real-time architecture with L4 microkernel and para-virtualised PSE51 partitions
  166. Taxi Route Recommendation Based on Urban Traffic Coulomb’s Law
  167. Building a mobile movie recommendation service by user rating and APP usage with linked data on Hadoop
  168. Electrodeposited Manganese Dioxide/Activated Carbon Composite As a High-Performance Electrode Material for Capacitive Deionization
  169. Message from the IEEE ISPA 2016 Program Chairs
  170. Electro-removal of arsenic(III) and arsenic(V) from aqueous solutions by capacitive deionization
  171. Fine-grained searchable encryption in multi-user setting
  172. P-CP-ABE: Parallelizing Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption for clouds
  173. An incentive mechanism for K-anonymity in LBS privacy protection based on credit mechanism
  174. Last level cache size heterogeneity in embedded systems
  175. 3D underwater scene reconstruction through descattering and colour correction
  176. Accurate Analysis of a Movie Recommendation Service with Linked Data on Hadoop and Mahout
  177. Advances in Signal Processing and Intelligent Recognition Systems
  178. Efficient parallelised search engine based on virtual cluster
  179. GPU Computations on Hadoop Clusters for Massive Data Processing
  180. Flexible group key management and secure data transmission in mobile device communications using elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman cryptographic system
  181. Message from the CSE 2015 Steering Committee
  182. Accelerating 3D Digital Differential Analyzer Ray Tracing Algorithm on the GPU Using CUDA
  183. The Design and Implementation of Embedded Online Laboratory
  184. A secure and scalable storage system for aggregate data in IoT
  185. Message from BDCloud 2015 Program Chairs
  186. Message from FCST 2015 General Chairs
  187. Implications of shallower memory controller transaction queues in scalable memory systems
  188. Towards Bringing Adaptive Micro Learning into MOOC Courses
  189. Improved performance in capacitive deionization of activated carbon electrodes with a tunable mesopore and micropore ratio
  190. Secured map reduce computing based on virtual machine using threshold secret sharing and group signature mechanisms in cloud computing environments
  191. An improved algorithm to convert CAD model to MCNP geometry model based on STEP file
  192. Guest Editorial: Embedded Multicore Systems and Applications
  193. 3D skeleton construction by multi-view 2D images and 3D model segmentation
  194. A real-time hand gesture recognition system for daily information retrieval from the internet
  195. A secured transmission model for EPC network
  196. Analysis of Gesture Combos for Social Activity on Smartphone
  197. GPU-accelerated DEM implementation with CUDA
  198. GPU-accelerated visualisation of ADS granular flow target model
  199. Message from Program Co-chairs
  200. Message from the CSE 2014 Steering Chairs
  201. Maintenance of cooperative overlays in multi-overlay networks
  202. A scalable blackbox-oriented e-learning system based on desktop grid over private cloud
  203. Bloating mechanism of the mixture of thin-film transistor liquid-crystal display waste glass and basic oxygen furnace slag
  204. Scaling up MapReduce-based Big Data Processing on Multi-GPU systems
  205. Message from U-Science 2014 Program Chairs
  206. RCSoS: An IEC 61508 Compatible Server Model for Reliable Communication
  207. GPU-in-Hadoop: Enabling MapReduce across distributed heterogeneous platforms
  208. Glass-ceramics produced from thin-film transistor liquid-crystal display waste glass and blast oxygen furnace slag
  209. Effectiveness of a replica mechanism to improve availability with Arrangement Graph-Based Overlay
  210. Formal Verification of Fault-Tolerant and Recovery Mechanisms for Safe Node Sequence Protocol
  211. On design and formal verification of SNSP: a novel real-time communication protocol for safety-critical applications
  212. Cloud Computing and Digital Media
  213. Taiwan UniCloud: A Cloud Testbed with Collaborative Cloud Services
  214. An efficient and comprehensive scheduler on Asymmetric Multicore Architecture systems
  215. Community Identification in Multiple Relationship Social Networks
  216. An Anonymous Communication Scheme with Non-reputation for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  217. An Overlay Network Based on Arrangement Graph with Fault Tolerance
  218. Embedding GPU Computations in Hadoop
  219. Insights on memory controller scaling in multi-core embedded systems
  220. Toward a Mobile Application for Social Sharing Context
  221. Data Integrity Checking for iSCSI with Dm-verity
  222. A Hypervisor for MIPS-Based Architecture Processors - A Case Study in Loongson Processors
  223. A Server Model for Reliable Communication on Cell/B.E.
  224. Production of insulating glass ceramics from thin film transistor-liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) waste glass and calcium fluoride sludge
  225. A scalable P2P overlay based on arrangement graph with minimized overhead
  226. Preface
  227. A Checkpoint/Restart Scheme for CUDA Applications with Complex Memory Hierarchy
  228. Foreword
  229. Towards constructing application-level GPU computation states
  230. Accelerating MapReduce framework on multi-GPU systems
  231. Direction-aware resource discovery in large-scale distributed computing environments
  232. Comparative study on electro-microfiltration (EMF) of water containing different carbon nanotubes (CNTs)
  233. Efficient programming paradigm for video streaming processing on TILE64 platform
  234. A Case of Security Encryption Storage System Based on SAN Environments
  235. A Checkpoint/Restart Scheme for CUDA Programs with Complex Computation States
  236. Design and Implementation of Multimedia Social Services on Elgg
  237. Designing Parallel Sparse Matrix Transposition Algorithm Using CSR for GPUs
  238. IP Address Management in Virtualized Cloud Environments
  239. MGMR: Multi-GPU Based MapReduce
  240. On Migration and Consolidation of VMs in Hybrid CPU-GPU Environments
  241. Parallel Matrix Transposition and Vector Multiplication Using OpenMP
  242. Arrangement Graph-Based Overlay with Replica Mechanism for File Sharing
  243. Message from the CSE 2012 Steering Chairs
  244. Message from the general chairs
  245. A Certificate Enhanced Group Key Framework for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  246. Erratum to: XtratuM/PPC: a hypervisor for partitioned system on PowerPC processors
  247. Interactive design using non-touch technologies for group trip
  248. XtratuM/PPC: a hypervisor for partitioned system on PowerPC processors
  249. A Mobile Application Framework for Rapid Integration of Ubiquitous Web Services
  250. An Efficient Clustering Authentication Mechanism for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  251. A Secure Distributed File System Based on Revised Blakley's Secret Sharing Scheme
  252. Deploying Scalable and Secure Secret Sharing with GPU Many-Core Architecture
  253. On parallelization of circuit simulation SPICE3 using multithreaded programming techniques
  254. Video Editing Using Motion Inpainting
  255. A self-adaptive resource index and discovery system in distributed computing environments
  256. Effect of hydrophobicity of humic substances on electro-ultrafiltration
  257. Design and analysis of arrangement graph-based overlay systems for information sharing
  258. Direction-aware resource discovery service in large-scale grid and cloud computing
  259. Exploiting Dynamic Distributed Load Balance by Neighbor-Matching on P2P Grids
  260. Secure protocols for data propagation and group communication in vehicular networks
  261. Efficient GPGPU-Based Parallel Packet Classification
  262. Energy-Aware Task Consolidation Technique for Cloud Computing
  263. Fault Tolerance Policy on Dynamic Load Balancing in P2P Grids
  264. An Efficient Programming Paradigm for Shared-Memory Master-Worker Video Decoding on TILE64 Many-Core Platform
  265. 3D Skeleton Construction by Multi-view 2D Images and 3D Model Segmentation
  266. A Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition System for Daily Information Retrieval from Internet
  267. Message from the U-Media 2011 Program Co-Chairs
  268. Using Gesture Annotation to Achieve Real-Time Communication under MSNP
  269. Electro-microfiltration treatment of water containing natural organic matter and inorganic particles
  270. A web-based travel system using mashup in the RESTful design
  271. Application of Reutilization Technology to Calcium Fluoride Sludge from Semiconductor Manufacturers
  272. A Locality-Aware Publish/Subscribe Scheme for High Level Architecture on Structured Peer-to-Peer Networks
  273. Message from the Steering Committee - CSE 2010
  274. SEC 2010 Message from the Symposium Chairs
  275. A Novel Approach for Cooperative Overlay-Maintenance in Multi-overlay Environments
  276. Treatment of Perfluorinated Chemicals by Electro-Microfiltration
  277. Preface of MENS 2010
  278. Medical waste generation in selected clinical facilities in Taiwan
  279. Pervasive health service system: insights on the development of a grid-based personal health service system
  280. Application of reutilization technology to waste from liquid crystal display (LCD) industry
  281. Medicare-Grid: New Trends on the Development of E-Health System Based on Grid Technology
  282. A Message Forward Tool for Integration of Clusters of Clusters Based on MPI Architecture
  283. A Self-Adaptive Load Balancing Strategy for P2P Grids
  284. Monitoring procedures for tourism using RFID and Google maps technologies
  285. Performance of Parallel Bit-Reversal with Cilk and UPC for Fast Fourier Transform
  286. Video narrative authoring with motion inpainting
  287. Handbook of Research on Scalable Computing Technologies
  288. On utilization of the grid computing technology for video conversion and 3D rendering
  289. Welcome Message from the NSTC 2009 Workshop Chairs - Volume 2
  290. A Recursively-Adjusting Co-allocation scheme with a Cyber-Transformer in Data Grids
  291. Conference Information
  292. Special issue of Supercomputing Journal on secure, manageable and controllable grid services
  293. A novel strategy for building interoperable MPI environment in heterogeneous high performance systems
  294. A dynamic and scalable performance monitoring toolkit for cluster and grid environments
  295. A Practical OpenMP Implementation of Bit-Reversal for Fast Fourier Transform
  296. An Adaptive Anti-Collision Algorithm towards Efficient RFID Tag Identification
  297. On Improving Network Locality in BitTorrent-Like Systems
  298. On Performance Enhancement of Circuit Simulation Using Multithreaded Techniques
  299. On the Design of a Performance-Aware Load Balancing Mechanism for P2P Grid Systems
  300. Parallel File Transfer for Grid Economic
  301. Power Consumption Optimization of MPI Programs on Multi-core Clusters
  302. SARIDS: A Self-Adaptive Resource Index and Discovery System
  303. A Novel Approach to Quantify Novelty Levels Applied on Ubiquitous Music Distribution
  304. A novel method for classification of high-resolution nailfold capillary microscopy images
  305. A two-level hierarchical scheduling method for independent tasks in grids
  306. Dynamic file replica location and selection strategy in data grids
  307. Toward an Efficient Middleware for Multithreaded Applications in Computational Grid
  308. Toward Development of Distance Learning Environment in the Grid
  309. Performance-based parallel application toolkit for high-performance clusters
  310. Towards implementation of a novel scheme for data prefetching on distributed shared memory systems
  311. Design and Implementation of an Agent Home Scheme Strategy for Prefetch-Based DSM Systems
  312. Message from SEC 2008 Symposium Chairs
  313. Message from Program Chairs
  314. Preface of MamSOE'08
  315. Message from the SECUBIQ-08 Workshop Co-Chairs
  316. Classification framework for nailfold capillary microscopy images
  317. Supporting the transparent execution of high performance applications on grids
  318. Performance effective pre-scheduling strategy for heterogeneous grid systems in the master slave paradigm
  319. Improvements on dynamic adjustment mechanism in co-allocation data grid environments
  320. The design and implementation of Visuel performance monitoring and analysis toolkit for cluster and grid environments
  321. Foreword from Guest Editors
  322. Advances in Grid and Pervasive Computing
  323. Optimizing Communications of Dynamic Data Redistribution on Symmetrical Matrices in Parallelizing Compilers
  324. Towards Design of a File Location Selection System in Grid Environments
  325. On the Design and Implementation of an Effective Prefetch Strategy for DSM Systems
  326. Distributing users with profile and buffer constraint in enterprise systems
  327. An Enhanced Parallel Loop Self-Scheduling Scheme for Cluster Environments
  328. Scheduling Convex Bipartite Communications Toward Efficient GEN_BLOCK Transformations
  329. Design and Implementation of TIGER Grid: an Integrated Metropolitan-Scale Grid Environment
  330. An Efficient Parallel Loop Self-scheduling on Grid Environments
  331. A Resource Broker for Computing Nodes Selection in Grid Computing Environments
  332. A High-Performance Computational Resource Broker for Grid Computing Environments
  333. Decision Tree Construction for Data Mining on Grid Computing Environments
  334. Scheduling for Atomic Broadcast Operation in Heterogeneous Networks with One Port Model
  335. An Enhanced Parallel Loop Self-Scheduling Scheme for Cluster Environments
  336. Design Issues of a Novel Toolkit for Parallel Application Performance Monitoring and Analysis in Cluster and Grid Environments
  337. Implementation of Visuel MPI Parallel Program Performance Analysis Tool for Cluster Environments
  338. On Construction of a Visualization Toolkit for MPI Parallel Programs in Cluster Environments
  339. On Design of Agent Home Scheme for Prefetching Strategy in DSM Systems
  340. Performance Issues of Grid Computing Based on Different Architecture Cluster Computing Platforms
  341. The anatomy of a course in cluster and grid computing
  342. On Scheduling Transmissions for Hidden Terminal Problems in Dynamic RFID Systems
  343. Tuning parallel program through automatic program analysis