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  1. Responsible AI Engineering from a Data Perspective (Keynote)
  2. On the Way to SBOMs: Investigating Design Issues and Solutions in Practice
  3. Prompt Sapper: A LLM-Empowered Production Tool for Building AI Chains
  4. A Taxonomy of Foundation Model based Systems through the Lens of Software Architecture
  5. Responsible AI: Key Metrics for Measuring Accountability
  6. Privacy and Copyright Protection in Generative AI: A Lifecycle Perspective
  7. Hard to Read and Understand Pythonic Idioms? DeIdiom and Explain Them in Non-Idiomatic Equivalent Code
  8. Where is it? Tracing the Vulnerability-relevant Files from Vulnerability Reports
  9. Enhancing Exploratory Testing by Large Language Model and Knowledge Graph
  10. Unveiling the Tricks: Automated Detection of Dark Patterns in Mobile Applications
  11. Improving Adversarial Transferability via Frequency-based Stationary Point Search
  12. FVW: Finding Valuable Weight on Deep Neural Network for Model Pruning
  13. Aspect-Level Information Discrepancies across Heterogeneous Vulnerability Reports: Severity, Types and Detection Methods
  14. Responsible AI Pattern Catalogue: A Collection of Best Practices for AI Governance and Engineering
  15. FQN Inference in Partial Code by Prompt-tuned Language Model of Code
  16. API Entity and Relation Joint Extraction from Text via Dynamic Prompt-tuned Language Model
  17. Silent Vulnerable Dependency Alert Prediction with Vulnerability Key Aspect Explanation
  18. Faster or Slower? Performance Mystery of Python Idioms Unveiled with Empirical Evidence
  19. SoapOperaTG: A Tool for System Knowledge Graph Based Soap Opera Test Generation
  20. Constructing a System Knowledge Graph of User Tasks and Failures from Bug Reports to Support Soap Opera Testing
  21. Prompt-tuned Code Language Model as a Neural Knowledge Base for Type Inference in Statically-Typed Partial Code
  22. A Collection of Architectural Patterns for Blockchain Governance
  23. A Systematic Literature Review on Federated Machine Learning
  24. Performance Modeling of Hyperledger Fabric 2.0
  25. Software engineering for responsible AI
  26. Dependency tracking for risk mitigation in machine learning (ML) systems
  27. Towards a roadmap on software engineering for responsible AI
  28. Patterns for Blockchain-Based Payment Applications