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  1. Characterization and identification of Au pathfinder minerals from an artisanal mine site using XRD
  2. Local chemical bonding and structural properties in Ti3AlC2 MAX phase and Ti3C2Tx MXene
  3. Magnetic anisotropy in Cr2GeC investigated by X-ray magnetic circular dichroism
  4. Interface Bonding of Zr1-xAlxN Nanocomposites
  5. Reactive magnetron sputtering of tungsten target in krypton/trimethylboron atmosphere
  6. Compositional dependence of epitaxial Tin+1SiCn MAX-phase thin films
  7. Vibrational Effects in X-ray Absorption Spectra of 2D Layered Materials
  8. Electronic Structure of B-Ta films from X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and calculations
  9. Chemical bonding in carbide MXene nanosheets
  10. Polarization-dependent resonant inelastic X-ray scattering study of YBa2Cu3O7-x
  11. Chemical bonding in epitaxial ZrB2 studied by X-ray spectroscopy
  12. Bonding Structures of ZrHx Thin Films by X-ray Spectroscopy
  13. Electronic Properties and Bonding in ZrHx Thin Films
  14. Chemical bonding and electronic structure in MAX-phases
  15. Induced magnetism at the interface of a Fe/V superlattice
  16. Structure and Bonding in Amorphous Cr1–xCx Nanocomposite Thin Films: X-ray Absorption Spectra and First-Principles Calculations
  17. The origin of anisotropy and high density of states in the electronic structure of Cr2GeC
  18. Structure and bonding in amorphous iron carbide thin films
  19. Self-doping processes between planes and chains in the metal-to-superconductor transition of YBa2Cu3O6.9
  20. Strain sensitivity in the nitrogen 1 s NEXAFS spectra of gallium nitride
  21. Crystallization characteristics and chemical bonding properties of nickel carbide thin film nanocomposites
  22. Electronic correlation effects in the Cr2GeC Mn+1AXxphase
  23. Electronic-structure origin of the anisotropic thermopower of nanolaminated Ti3SiC2determined by polarized x-ray spectroscopy and Seebeck measurements
  24. Electronic structure and chemical bonding of amorphous chromium carbide thin films
  25. Mapping the frontier electronic structures of triphenylamine based organic dyes at TiO2interfaces
  26. Spectroscopic ellipsometry study on the dielectric function of bulk Ti2AlN, Ti2AlC, Nb2AlC, (Ti0.5,Nb0.5)2AlC, and Ti3GeC2 MAX-phases
  27. Electronic structure of GaN and Ga investigated by soft x-ray spectroscopy and first-principles methods
  28. Electronic structure and chemical bonding of nanocrystalline-TiC/amorphous-C nanocomposites
  29. Electronic structure and chemical bonding anisotropy investigation of wurtzite AlN
  30. Elastic properties and electrostructural correlations in ternary scandium-based cubic inverse perovskites: A first-principles study
  31. Electronic structure investigation of the cubic inverse perovskiteSc3AlN
  32. Anisotropy in the electronic structure ofV2GeCinvestigated by soft x-ray emission spectroscopy and first-principles theory
  33. Bonding mechanism in the nitridesTi2AlNand TiN: An experimental and theoretical investigation
  34. Investigation of Ti2AlC and TiC by soft x-ray emission spectroscopy
  35. Electronic structure investigation of MAX-phases by soft x-ray emission spectroscopy
  36. Dudaet al.Reply:
  37. Large magnetic circular dichroism in RIXS at the MnL-edge of Mn-Zn ferrite
  38. Electronic structure and chemical bonding inTi2AlCinvestigated by soft x-ray emission spectroscopy
  39. Electronic structure and chemical bonding inTi4SiC3investigated by soft x-ray emission spectroscopy and first-principles theory
  40. Specific production of very long-lived core-excited sulfur atoms by 2p−1σ* excitation of the OCS molecule followed by ultrafast dissociation
  41. Uranium oxides investigated by X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopies
  42. Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering at the OxygenKResonance of NiO: Nonlocal Charge Transfer and Double-Singlet Excitations
  43. Electronic structure investigation ofTi3AlC2,Ti3SiC2, andTi3GeC2by soft x-ray emission spectroscopy
  44. Resonant X-ray emission and X-ray absorption spectra of 3d metals in Co2MnZ (, Ga, Sn, Sb) Heusler alloys as an element-selective probe of spin character of valence band
  45. Spin transition in LaCoO3investigated by resonant soft X-ray emission spectroscopy
  46. Determination of the refractive index at soft X-ray resonances
  47. X-ray fluorescence spectra of metals excited below threshold
  48. Electronic structure investigation of CoO by means of soft x-ray scattering
  49. Resonant soft x-ray Raman scattering of NiO
  50. Spectroscopic observation of polaron-lattice band structure in the conducting polymer polyaniline
  51. Valence excitations observed in resonant soft X-ray emission spectra of K2Ni(CN)4·H2O at the Ni 2p edge
  52. Probing surface states of Cu/Ni thin films using x-ray absorption spectroscopy
  53. Electronic-structure investigation ofCeB6by means of soft-x-ray scattering
  54. Observation of short- and long-range hybridization of a buried Cu monolayer in Ni
  55. Magnetic circular dichroism in X-ray fluorescence of Heusler alloys at threshold excitation
  56. The electronic structure of polyaniline and doped phases studied by soft x-ray absorption and emission spectroscopies
  57. Angular-dependent resonant-photoemission processes at the2pthresholds in nickel metal
  58. Competition between decay and dissociation of core-excited carbonyl sulfide studied by x-ray scattering
  59. Resonant inelastic soft X-ray scattering spectra at the nitrogen and carbon K-edges of poly(pyridine-2,5-diyl)
  60. Resonant inelastic soft-X-ray scattering at the 4d edge of Ce-based heavy-fermion materials
  61. The electronic structure of poly(pyridine-2,5-diyl) investigated by soft X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopies
  62. Resonant Auger spectroscopy at theL2,3shake-up thresholds as a probe of electron correlation effects in nickel
  63. Resonant and nonresonant x-ray scattering spectra of some poly(phenylenevinylene)s
  64. Energy dependence of CuL2,3satellites using synchrotron excited x-ray-emission spectroscopy
  65. Coherent and incoherent processes in resonant photoemission
  66. Resonant inelastic soft-x-ray scattering from valence-band excitations in3d0compounds
  67. Resonant Photoemission at the2pEdges of Ni: Resonant Raman and Interference Effects
  68. Low-energyd-dexcitations in MnO studied by resonant x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy
  69. Electronic structure of buried Si layers in GaAs(001) as studied by soft-x-ray emission
  70. Max-Phases Investigated by Soft X-Ray Emission Spectroscopy