What is it about?

The chemical bonding within the transition-metal carbide materials MAX phase Ti3AlC2 and MXene Ti3C2Tx is investigated by x-ray absorption near-edge structure (XANES) and extended x-ray absorption fine-structure (EXAFS) spectroscopies.

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Why is it important?

The study demonstrates how x-ray absorption spectroscopy can be used to probe the MXene surfaces to shed more light on the local chemical interaction between F, O, with the surface Ti atoms. This is study reveals important knowledge when designing MXenes for sought-after material properties.


New MAX-phases and MXenes will be studied with complementary methods. Soon, we anticipate that the transport properties of MXenes can be tuned.

Associate Prof. Martin Magnuson
Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM)

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This page is a summary of: Local chemical bonding and structural properties in Ti3AlC2 MAX phase and Ti3C2Tx MXene probed by Ti 1s x-ray absorption spectroscopy, Physical Review Research, September 2020, American Physical Society (APS), DOI: 10.1103/physrevresearch.2.033516.
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