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  1. GenQ: Automated Question Generation to Support Caregivers While Reading Stories with Children
  2. Relationships Among Motor, First, and Second Language Skills Among Bilingual Children With Language Disorders
  3. Measuring English Narrative Microstructure in Preschool Dual Language Learners
  4. A Reading Comprehension Intervention for Dual Language Learners With Weak Language and Reading Skills
  5. Grammatical gender in Spanish child heritage speakers
  6. Is Oral Bilingualism an Advantage for Word Learning in Children With Hearing Loss?
  7. English and Spanish Predictors of Grade 3 Reading Comprehension in Bilingual Children
  8. Vocabulary Gains in Bilingual Narrative Intervention
  9. Cultural Competence and Self-Efficacy After Study Abroad Experiences
  10. Effects of a Family Literacy Program for Latino Parents: Evidence From a Single-Subject Design
  11. The Role of Prekindergarten Spanish in Predicting First-Grade English Word Reading Among Dual-Language Learners
  12. Predictors of Vocabulary Outcomes in Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing From Spanish-Speaking Families
  13. The Dimensionality of Oral Language in Kindergarten Spanish–English Dual Language Learners
  14. Dynamic Assessment of Narratives Among Navajo Preschoolers
  15. A Reading Comprehension Intervention for Spanish-speaking DLLs
  16. Performance of low-income Spanish/English bilingual children on the CELF-4S
  17. Language Sample Analysis and Elicitation Technique Effects in Bilingual Children With and Without Language Impairment
  18. Assessing Measurement Invariance for Spanish Sentence Repetition and Morphology Elicitation Tasks
  19. Language Ability Groups in Bilingual Children: A Latent Profile Analysis
  20. The Dimensionality of Spanish in Young Spanish–English Dual-Language Learners
  21. Development and Validation of the Spanish–English Language Proficiency Scale (SELPS)
  22. The Efficacy of a Vocabulary Intervention for Dual-Language Learners With Language Impairment
  23. Dynamic Assessment of Word Learning Skills: Identifying Language Impairment in Bilingual Children