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  1. Effective vocabulary interventions for young emergent bilinguals: A best‐evidence synthesis
  2. A review of the methodological characteristics of vocabulary interventions for emergent bilinguals in preschool to sixth grade
  3. Sustainable translanguaging pedagogy in support of the vulnerable language: honoring children’s ways of ‘Showing’ and ‘Telling’ in an early childhood dual language bilingual education program
  4. Morning circle as a community of practice: Co-teachers’ transmodality in a dual language bilingual education preschool classroom
  5. Multimodal Depth-of-Vocabulary Instruction: A Cross-Genre Analysis of a Preschool Teacher's Vocabulary Instruction in Spanish Read-Alouds
  6. Asset Mapping in Urban Environments to Support Students With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
  7. Building on ELA Vocabulary Instruction to Develop Language Resources
  8. Translanguaging for varying discourse functions in sociodramatic play: an exploratory multiple case study of young emergent bilinguals
  9. Exploring the object-sourced transmodal practices of an emergent bilingual child in sociodramatic play
  10. “Want me to show you?”: Emergent bilingual preschoolers’ multimodal resourcing in show-and-tell activity
  11. Attracting and Responding to an Audience: Preschoolers’ Multimodal Composing in Show-and-Tell Activity
  12. Native Mexican Parents’ Beliefs About Children’s Literacy and Language Development: A Mixed-Methods Study
  13. The Dimensionality of Oral Language in Kindergarten Spanish–English Dual Language Learners
  14. A multi-method investigation of literacy and language practices in Mexican early childhood programs
  15. An emergent bilingual child's multimodal choices in sociodramatic play
  16. Maternal Inferential Input and Children's Language Skills
  17. Print knowledge in Yucatec Maya–Spanish bilingual children: an initial inquiry
  18. Reading Mathematics: More than Words and Clauses; More than Numbers and Symbols on a Page
  19. Becoming biliterate: identity, ideology, and learning to read and write in two languages
  20. Photography and Oral History as a Means of Chronicling the Homeless in Miami: TheStreetWaysProject