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  1. What marketers of after-school educational services and educators can learn from children’s perceptions of intelligence
  2. Experience of Stress and Burnout among Pastors in China
  3. Experience of Stress and Coping Strategies among Pastors’ Wives in China
  4. Marketing bank services to youth in China
  5. Perception of healthy and unhealthy food among Chinese adolescents
  6. Consumers’ attitudes toward advertising by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners
  7. Interpretation of female images in advertising among Chinese adolescents
  8. Attitudes toward acupuncture in Hong Kong
  9. How Chinese young consumers respond to gendered advertisements
  10. Do females in advertisements reflect adolescents’ ideal female images?
  11. Advertising to Chinese youth: a study of public service ads in Hong Kong
  12. Development of materialistic values among children and adolescents
  13. Do the public endorse advertisements of medical doctors?
  14. Youth and advertisements using celebrities
  15. Shanghai girls and their perceived gender roles
  16. Using theory of planned behavior to predict healthy eating among Danish adolescents
  17. What do adolescent girls learn about gender roles from advertising images?
  18. Segmentation of Chinese adolescent girls using gender roles and ideal female images
  19. Attributes of young consumers' favorite retail shops: a qualitative study
  20. Portrayal of females in magazine advertisements in Hong Kong
  21. Children's Television Programs in China: A Discourse of Success and Modernity
  22. Understanding of Television Advertising Questionnaire for Children
  23. Information content of television advertising in China: an update
  24. Market Segmentation of Green Consumers in Hong Kong