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  1. Diplomacy and the People at Home
  2. The Challenge for Foreign Ministries Helping Nationals Overseas
  3. UN Celebrity Diplomacy in China
  4. China's Diplomacy: Engaging the World
  5. Helping Nationals Abroad: The Communicative Challenge
  6. Rebel Diplomacy and Digital Communication
  7. Debating Public Diplomacy
  8. Political Leaders and Public Diplomacy in the Contested Indo-Pacific
  9. Introduction: Debating Public Diplomacy
  10. Empirical Research and Workplace Discrimination Law
  11. Future Soft Power Practices (Special Issue)
  12. 21st Century Diplomacy - Critical Digital Diplomacy, Theory and Practice
  13. Digital Diplomacy: A Critical Perspective
  14. Diplomacy-business collaboration on SDGs and sustainable development
  15. How the security of citizens abroad is a headache for governments (Special Issue)
  16. Change and Innovation in South Korean Diplomatic Practices
  17. Is Digital Diplomacy of High-Tech South Korea the Same as in the West?
  18. How Governments Use Digital Tools When Helping Their Nationals Abroad
  19. Asian and European Perspectives on Diplomacy and the Emerging World Order
  20. Negotiation Theory and the Intifadat
  21. How Foreign Societies and Domestic Publics Matter in East Asian International Relations
  22. Introduction
  23. Conclusions and Key Points about Public Diplomacy in East Asia
  24. Oxford Bibliography Online: Public Diplomacy
  25. Essay on Diplomatic Engagement with Foreign Publics in Textbook
  26. Projecting Europe to people rather than states
  27. Conclusions and Recommendations on Public Diplomacy in Europe
  28. Post-Agreement Negotiating within Multilateral Regimes
  29. Diplomacy Quo Vadis?
  30. Diplomacy Interfacing with International Economics and Politics
  31. Consular Diplomacy: at the Intersection of Global Society and the International System
  32. Soft Power in East Asian International Relations
  33. Concluding Reflections on Soft Power and Public Diplomacy in East Asia
  34. Introduction
  35. Introduction Economic Diplomacy:
  36. Introduction The Consular Dimension Of Diplomacy
  37. Preliminary Material
  38. Contemporary Peace Operations: Four Challenges for the Brahimi Paradigm
  39. Gender and Peacekeeping: An Evolving Field of Practice
  40. Soft Power in International Relations
  41. The New Public Diplomacy: Between Theory and Practice
  42. New Illusions of a Northwest Passage
  43. Climate Change and the Northern Sea Route: An Icelandic Perspective
  44. Diplomacy: Engine Room of International Politics
  45. Diplomatic Manoevering Before Leaders Meet
  46. The Politics of US Missile Deployment in Europe
  47. The Anglo-American Relationship and the Limits of Britain's Nuclear Policy, 1952—1957
  48. Negotiating the Anglo-American Atomic Alliance
  49. Missile Deployment and US-UK Alliance Politics in the 1950s
  50. Prelude to interdependence: The Anglo‐American relationship and the limits of Great Britain's nuclear policy, 1952–1957
  51. Britain's Relations with Europe after World War II
  52. Conclusions and Recommendations on Public Diplomacy in Europe
  53. Introduction