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  1. Employee benefits' effects on commitment
  2. Good is Not Good, When Better is Expected: Discrepancies between Ideal and Actual Collectivism and their Effect on Organizational Commitment
  3. Demographic challenges for management: fad or reality?
  4. Assessing cross-national invariance of the three-component model of organizational commitment
  5. A Cross-National Analysis of E-HRM Configurations: Integrating the Information Technology and HRM Perspectives
  6. Staffing practices and employee performance: the role of age
  7. Staffing Practices and Employee Performance: The Role of Age
  8. Future business leaders
  9. E-HRM Adoption and Usage: A Cross-National Analysis of Enabling Factors
  10. Boundaryless Career and Career Outcomes: The Mediating Role of Individual Career Management Behaviours
  11. Business Cultural Intelligence Quotient: A Five-Country Study
  12. 25 :::::::, , (25 Years of Research in Human Resource Management in Greece and Europe: Trends, Comparisons and Recommendations)
  13. Managerial Values and Employee Commitment in a Cultural Context
  14. Measuring workplace bullying in organisations
  15. Gender and the Importance of Fringe Benefits: Exploring Their Link with Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction
  16. The Critical Role of In-Group Collectivism and Humane Orientation for Employee Commitment and Satisfaction
  17. Connecting Desired Leadership Styles with Ancient Greek Philosophy: Results from the Globe Research in Greece, 1995–2010
  18. Adoption of electronic systems in HRM: is national background of the firm relevant?
  19. Revisiting leadership styles and attitudes towards women as managers in Greece
  20. Leadership's impact on employee engagement
  21. Adoption and Success of E-HRM in European Firms
  22. A decision model for outsourcing training functions: distinguishing between generic and firm-job-specific training content
  23. Internationalization as a determining factor of HRM outsourcing
  24. E‐HR adoption and the role of HRM: evidence from Greece
  25. Outsourcing of human resource management services in Greece
  26. Entrepreneurial and professional CEOs
  27. The decision to recruit online: a descriptive study
  28. Adoption and Success of E-HRM in European Firms
  29. Desired Leadership Behaviors for the Inclusive Leader