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  1. Living Long and Well: Cross-Temporal Meta-Analytic Evidence on Elderly Chinese Health-Related Quality of Life
  2. Brain Changes in IBS Patients: A Meta-Analysis
  3. A probabilistic reliable linguistic PROBID method for selecting electronic mental health platforms considering users’ bounded rationality
  4. Job stress and teacher burnout in preschools – Preliminary assessment of the buffer effect of job resources in the stressor-strain model in a lower-middle-income country
  5. Examining the impact of trait grit on aspiring entrepreneur's new venture ideation: Evidence from Ghana
  6. Regional abnormalities of spontaneous brain activity in migraine: A coordinate‐based meta‐analysis
  7. “I-just-wanna-get-by” hurts teachers and their work: Linking preschool teacher identity to work withdrawals in an emerging economy
  8. Resting-state abnormalities in functional connectivity of the default mode network in migraine: A meta-analysis
  9. Early childhood educators’ emotional labor and burnout in an emerging economy: The mediating roles of affective states
  10. A Blockchain-Based Crowdsourcing Loan Platform for Funding Higher Education in Developing Countries
  11. Geospatial Thinking and Sense of Place: The Mediating Role of Creativity
  12. Social entrepreneurs and employee green behavior: value systems and social context as moderators
  13. “I Am Here to Fly, but Better Get the Environment Right!” Passenger Response to Airport Servicescape
  14. COVID-19 Pandemic and International Students’ Mental Health in China: Age, Gender, Chronic Health Condition and Having Infected Relative as Risk Factors
  15. Reason our adaptive impulse to avoid infection impoverishes our humanity
  16. Value co-creation and employee service behaviours: The moderating role of trust in employee - hotel relationship
  17. A Cross-Temporal Meta-Analysis of Changes in Left-Behind Children’s Mental Health in China
  18. Online personalized recommended product quality and e-impulse buying: A conditional mediation analysis
  19. A Novel Approach to Air Passenger Index Prediction: Based on Mutual Information Principle and Support Vector Regression Blended Model
  20. Amplitude of Low-Frequency Fluctuation in Multiple Frequency Bands in Tension-Type Headache Patients: A Resting-State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
  21. Alterations of Regional Spontaneous Brain Activities in Anxiety Disorders: A meta-analysis
  22. PsyCap inhibits graduating students' anxious feeling of not getting a job.
  23. When travelers feel competent and in control, they experience more pleasure
  24. Managing conflictual teacher-child relationship in pre-schools: A preliminary test of the job resources buffering-effect hypothesis in an emerging economy
  25. Air travelers value airport terminal compulsory and discretionary activities differently
  26. An Integrated Approach to Air Passenger Index Prediction: Mutual Information Principle and Support Vector Regression (MI-SVR) Blended Model
  27. Airport staff can create loyal passengers
  28. Finding something good in the bad: the curvilinear emotional demand-conflict teacher–child relationship link
  29. Career adapt-abilities scale in Ghana: Psychometric properties and associations with individual-level ambidexterity and employees’ service performance
  30. Unemployment trends and labour market entry in Ghana: job search methods perspective
  31. Validating the Auckland Individualism–Collectivism Scale (AICS): Testing Factor Structure and Measurement Invariance in Hong Kong and Ghanaian Samples
  32. Factorial Validity of the Student–Teacher Relationship Scale—Short Form, Latent Means Comparison of Teacher–Student Relationship Quality and Association with Child Problem and Prosocial Behaviours
  33. Are m-banking users' OSL levels the cause of their intentions to discontinue usage?
  34. Assesses the applicability of Maslach Burnout Inventory (IBM) across three emerging economies.
  35. Within-person resources help manage job stressors in ways that boost creativity