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  1. Training practices and job performance in public universities: leveraging on self-efficacy and organizational politics
  2. Leveraging the Potential of the African Continental Free Trade Area: Logistics Challenges and Development Paths for Future Value Chains in Africa
  3. Does going intellectually green matter? Accentuating the role of eco-innovation speed and quality in a competitive post-Covid 19 emerging market
  4. Crisis-induced HR practices and employee resilience during COVID-19: evidence from hotels
  5. Does Market Orientation Lead to Firm Performance? Exploring the Mechanisms and Boundary Conditions
  6. Older Adults’ Vigorous Occupational Physical Activity Levels in Six Countries Are Explained by Country and ‘Having Multiple Jobs’
  7. innovative leadership behavior, organizational ambidexterity, performance outcome of IC
  8. Psychological contract fulfilment and work behaviour nexus: the interactive effects of employee job autonomy and trust
  9. Non-Probabilistic Sampling in Quantitative Clinical Research
  10. When the past is strongly involved in the present: Examining the transference effects of past psychological contract violation on present deviance
  11. Innovation-performance relationship: the moderating role of market dynamism
  12. The relationship between job components, neighbourhood walkability and African academics' physical activity: a post-COVID-19 context
  13. The association between core job components, physical activity, and mental health in African academics in a post-COVID-19 context
  14. Evaluating a job search strategy model of fit perceptions: a construct validation amongst unemployed job seekers
  15. When travelers feel competent and in control, they experience more pleasure
  16. Effect of corporate social responsibility on eco-citizenship behaviour in luxury hotels: eco-lifestyle as a moderator
  17. Performance outcome of entrepreneurial behavior of SMEs in a developing economy: the role of international mindset
  18. Goal orientation in job search: Psychometric characteristics and construct validation across job search contexts
  19. Short-Term Changes in Behaviors Resulting from COVID-19-Related Social Isolation and Their Influences on Mental Health in Ghana
  20. Social capital and performance of SMEs: The role of entrepreneurial orientation and managerial capability
  21. Prospects of the fourth industrial revolution for the hospitality industry: a literature review
  22. Leadership status and demographic correlates of whistleblowing in healthcare: The influence of a consolidated theory
  23. The association between nurses’ religiousness and job satisfaction
  24. Strategy and Performance: Does Environmental Dynamism Matter?
  25. An assessment of education, in-service training and tenure prolongation as methods for enhancing nursing performance
  26. Enhancing nurses’ job satisfaction through remuneration: can materialism be a threat?
  27. Socio-economic Performance of Manufacturing Companies in Urban Ghana
  28. The moderating role of social network on the relationship between innovative capability and performance in the hotel industry
  29. Internal marketing for enhancing workers' commitment to healthcare
  30. Corporate Governance and Efficiency of Rural and Community Banks (RCBs) in Ghana
  31. Emotional intelligence assessment in scale validation
  32. Eschewing love of money and materialism: a potential step towards avoiding nurses' intention to quit
  33. General, Target, and Accessible Population: Demystifying the Concepts for Effective Sampling
  34. Supply Chain Integration and Flexibility and Its Impact on Business Performance
  35. The effect of corporate social responsibility on organizational commitment of employees of rural and community banks in Ghana
  36. Occupational stressors among university non-academic staff: results from a representative public university in Ghana
  37. Occupational stressors among university non-academic staff: results from a representative public university in Ghana
  38. Perceptions of Socio-Ecological Changes and Their Implications on Changes in Farming Practises and Agricultural Land Uses in the Savannahs of Northeast Ghana
  39. Organisational justice as a predictor of worker commitment
  40. A Statistical Assessment of the Emotional Intelligence of Healthcare Workers in Accra North: A Scale Validation Approach
  41. A Trend Analysis of the Patronage of the E-Zwich Cashless System in Ghana for the Period 2008-2014
  42. The roles of tenure prolongation, education and training in emotional intelligence enhancement