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  1. The role of OSL in mobile banking application discontinuance: A technological innovation dilemma
  2. Climate change and COP26: role of information technologies in disaster management and resilience
  3. Social entrepreneurs and employee green behavior: value systems and social context as moderators
  4. Personal and organisational resources on electronic health usage intentions in an emerging economy
  5. Reason our adaptive impulse to avoid infection impoverishes our humanity
  6. Value co-creation and employee service behaviours: The moderating role of trust in employee - hotel relationship
  7. Research on the Application of Big Data in University's Public Opinion Monitoring and Processing
  8. A marriage in a complex relationship: bank source, bank visibility and banking efficiency. Does clients' perception agree with the balance sheet data
  9. Customer value co-creation and employee silence: Emotional intelligence as explanatory mechanism
  10. African international students’ career and job satisfaction: The case of China
  11. Regional efficiency disparities in rural and community banks in Ghana: A data envelopment analysis
  12. 'No saints', 'No sinners': corporate social responsibility impact on occupational embeddedness and corporate brand trust with extrinsic motivation as a moderating construct
  13. The impact of value co-creation on satisfaction and loyalty: the moderating effect of price fairness (empirical study of automobile customers in Ghana)
  14. Consequences of corporate social responsibility on employees
  15. Employees’ perception of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its effects on internal outcomes
  16. Are m-banking users' OSL levels the cause of their intentions to discontinue usage?
  17. Let the Talk Count: Attributes of Stakeholder Engagement, Trust, Perceive Environmental Protection and CSR
  18. Unlocking from Community Stakeholders, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects for effective Company–Community relationship