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  1. From being sacked to being unwell: A conservation of resources view on the effects of psychological contract violation on layoff victims' wellbeing
  2. Entrepreneurial career persistence of hybrid entrepreneurs: The opposing moderating roles of wage work-to-entrepreneurship enrichment and entrepreneurship-to-wage work enrichment
  3. When the past is strongly involved in the present: Examining the transference effects of past psychological contract violation on present deviance
  4. Job Losers’ Wellbeing: Integrating Psychological Contract and Conservation of Resource Perspectives
  5. Evaluating a job search strategy model of fit perceptions: a construct validation amongst unemployed job seekers
  6. Goal orientation in job search: Psychometric characteristics and construct validation across job search contexts
  7. Surviving an infectious disease outbreak: How does nurse calling influence performance during the COVID‐19 fight?
  8. Aspiring to Be a Social Entrepreneur: Does Prosocial Motivation Matter?
  9. Career adapt-abilities scale in Ghana: Psychometric properties and associations with individual-level ambidexterity and employees’ service performance
  10. Unemployment trends and labour market entry in Ghana: job search methods perspective
  11. Validating the Auckland Individualism–Collectivism Scale (AICS): Testing Factor Structure and Measurement Invariance in Hong Kong and Ghanaian Samples
  12. Career adaptability and ambidextrous behavior among customer-service representatives: the role of perceived organizational support
  13. Entrepreneurship as a career choice: The impact of locus of control on aspiring entrepreneurs' opportunity recognition
  14. A Moderated Serial Mediation Model of Hybrid Entrepreneur’s Performance in Entrepreneurial Work