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  1. A simple technique to classify diffraction data from dynamic proteins according to individual polymorphs
  2. Best practices for high data-rate macromolecular crystallography (HDRMX)
  3. Using sound pulses to solve the crystal-harvesting bottleneck
  4. Maintaining Microclimates during Nanoliter Chemical Dispensations Using Custom-Designed Source Plate Lids
  5. Acoustic Methods to Monitor Protein Crystallization and to Detect Protein Crystals in Suspensions of Agarose and Lipidic Cubic Phase
  6. Acoustic transfer of protein crystals from agarose pedestals to micromeshes for high-throughput screening
  7. A simple technique to reduce evaporation of crystallization droplets by using plate lids with apertures for adding liquids
  8. Solvent minimization induces preferential orientation and crystal clustering in serial micro-crystallography on micro-meshes,in situplates and on a movable crystal conveyor belt
  9. A Linear Relationship between Crystal Size and Fragment Binding Time Observed Crystallographically: Implications for Fragment Library Screening Using Acoustic Droplet Ejection
  10. Crystallographic characterization of the nitric oxide derivative of R-state human hemoglobin
  11. Hitting the target: fragment screening with acousticin situco-crystallization of proteins plus fragment libraries on pin-mounted data-collection micromeshes
  12. Macromolecular crystallography beamline X25 at the NSLS
  13. Matrix Metalloproteinase-10/TIMP-2 Structure and Analyses Define Conserved Core Interactions and Diverse Exosite Interactions in MMP/TIMP Complexes
  14. Acoustic methods for high-throughput protein crystal mounting at next-generation macromolecular crystallographic beamlines
  15. Presence versus absence of hydrogen bond donor Tyr‐39 influences interactions of cationic trypsin and mesotrypsin with protein protease inhibitors
  16. Structure of the catalytic chain ofMethanococcus jannaschiiaspartate transcarbamoylase in a hexagonal crystal form: insights into the path of carbamoyl phosphate to the active site of the enzyme
  17. The P 2 ′ residue is a key determinant of mesotrypsin specificity: engineering a high-affinity inhibitor with anticancer activity
  18. Acoustically Mounted Microcrystals Yield High-Resolution X-ray Structures
  19. Structural Basis for NADH/NAD+ Redox Sensing by a Rex Family Repressor
  20. Expression, purification and preliminary diffraction studies of CmlS
  21. Remote Access to the PXRR Macromolecular Crystallography Facilities at the NSLS
  22. Expression, purification and preliminary diffraction studies of PhnP
  23. Crystal Structure of a Complex between the Phosphorelay Protein YPD1 and the Response Regulator Domain of SLN1 Bound to a Phosphoryl Analog
  24. Fragment-based identification of determinants of conformational and spectroscopic change at the ricin active site
  25. Mail-in crystallography program at Brookhaven National Laboratory's National Synchrotron Light Source
  26. Integrated software for macromolecular crystallography synchrotron beamlines II: revision, robots and a database
  27. Crystal structures of the nitrite and nitric oxide complexes of horse heart myoglobin
  28. P170. NO and nitrite with iron porphyrins: A structural perspective
  29. Experimental methods for measuring accurate high-amplitude phases and their importance in isomorphous replacement experiments
  30. First results of digital topography applied to macromolecular crystals
  31. Three-beam interference is a sensitive measure of the efficacy of macromolecular refinement techniques
  32. Quantitative Assessment of Peptide Sequence Diversity in M13 Combinatorial Peptide Phage Display Libraries