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  1. How Does an Acoustic Liquid Handler Work?
  2. Acoustic Methods to Monitor Protein Crystallization and to Detect Protein Crystals in Suspensions of Agarose and Lipidic Cubic Phase
  3. Acoustic injectors for drop-on-demand serial femtosecond crystallography
  4. Acoustic methods for high-throughput protein crystal mounting at next-generation macromolecular crystallographic beamlines
  5. New Enabling Technology
  6. Acoustically mounted microcrystals yield high-resolution X-ray structures
  7. Acoustically Mounted Microcrystals Yield High-Resolution X-ray Structures
  8. Gradient, Contact-Free Volume Transfers Minimize Compound Loss in Dose-Response Experiments
  9. Improving IC50 Results with Acoustic Droplet Ejection
  10. The Effects of Small Molecule and Protein Solutes on Acoustic Drop Ejection
  11. An Interview with Elaine Heron, Ph.D., CEO, and Richard Ellson, CTO, Labcyte Inc.
  12. In situ DMSO Hydration Measurements of HTS Compound Libraries
  13. Acoustic Auditing as a Real-Time, Non-invasive Quality Control Process for Both Source and Assay Plates
  14. Transfer of low nanoliter volumes between microplates using focused acoustics?automation considerations
  15. Acoustic ejection of fluids using large F-number focusing elements
  16. Picoliter: enabling precise transfer of nanoliter and picoliter volumes
  17. Visualization of injection molding