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  1. The potential of future light sources to explore the structure and function of matter
  2. Crystal structure of small protein crambin at 0.48 Å resolution
  3. ChemInform Abstract: Al22Br20×12THF: The First Polyhedral Aluminum Subhalide. A Step on the Path to a New Modification of Aluminum?
  4. The Extreme Conditions Beamline at PETRA III, DESY: Possibilities to conduct time resolved monochromatic diffraction experiments in dynamic and laser heated DAC
  5. A fast X-ray chopper for single-bunch extraction at synchrotron sources
  6. Digital In-line Holography with femtosecond VUV radiation provided by the free-electron laser FLASH
  7. Technical Report: PETRA III: DESY's New High Brilliance Third Generation Synchrotron Radiation Source
  8. Chemoenzymatic synthesis of enantiomerically pure tricyclic benzomorphan analogues
  9. Optical Rotation of Achiral Pentaerythritol
  10. Low-resolutionab initiophasing ofSarcocystis murislectin SML-2
  11. Bicyclic glutamic acid derivatives
  12. Non-linear optical properties and absolute structure of metastable 4-methyl benzophenone
  13. PETRA III: a low emittance high energy synchrotron radiation source
  14. Three-beam resonant X-ray diffraction in germanium – Laue transmission cases
  15. Review of third and next generation synchrotron light sources
  16. Three-beam diffraction in an elastically strained crystal plate
  17. Two Metalloid Ga22 Clusters Containing a Novel Ga22 Core with an Icosahedral Ga12 Center.
  19. Accurate rocking-curve measurements on protein crystals grown in a homogeneous magnetic field of 2.4 T
  20. Two Metalloid Ga22 Clusters Containing a Novel Ga22 Core with an Icosahedral Ga12 Center
  21. Preparation and Precise Structural Determination of a Second Ga 84 Cluster Compound. A First Hint for Cluster Doping and Its Fundamental Consequences in the Field of Chemistry and Physics of Nanoscaled Metalloid Cluster Material
  22. Three-beam X-ray diffraction – profile analysis
  23. Three-beam interference is a sensitive measure of the efficacy of macromolecular refinement techniques
  24. Investigation of radiation-dose-induced changes in organic light-atom crystals by accurated-spacing measurements
  25. The high resolution 6-circle-diffractometer for protein crystal quality investigations at HASYLAB
  26. Synthesis and antibacterial study of unsaturated Mannich ketones
  27. Approximate solution of the Takagi–Taupin equations for a semi-infinite crystal in the three-beam Laue–Laue case
  28. Expeditious synthesis and chromatographic resolution of (+)- and (?)-trans-1-benzylcyclohexan-1,2-diamine hydrochlorides
  29. Properties of an electron-density map derived from a limited number of experimentally determined triplet phases
  30. Ga22[Si(SiMe3)3]8: The Largest Atom-Centered Neutral Main Group Metal Cluster
  31. Ga22[Si(SiMe3)3]8: der größte metallatomzentrierte neutrale Metallcluster im Bereich der Hauptgruppenelemente
  32. Feasibility study for the measurement of a large set of triplet phases from a small protein
  33. Al22Br20⋅12 THF: The First Polyhedral Aluminum Subhalide—A Step on the Path to a New Modification of Aluminum?
  34. Diastereoselective α-iminoamine rearrangement: asymmetric synthesis of (R)-(−)- and (S)-(+)-2-benzyl-2-hydroxycyclohexanone
  35. The absolute configuration of dichapetalin A
  36. Determination of Reflection Phases by Three-Beam Diffraction
  37. The absolute configuration of kinoin C
  38. The absolute configuration of chiromodine